Oh My Aching Heart Sweet Corgi - and we all know that...I hear the aaahhhssss already...enjoy.


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That's super cute! We got Ein when my youngest was barely 4 months old. They are actually 25 days apart in age (Ein is the younger one). Even as a puppy Ein loved and protected her babies. She constantly follows them around and lays wherever they are. I love all the pics of the 2 of them together. It's so sweet.

I saw it happen with my Irish wolfhound.  We adopted and our daughter was 6 months old when she came from Korea.  We didn't get home from the airport till midnight and it was all so confusing that Tasha really didn't see Becca.  Come 3 am when Becca woke us up....we had to turn her days and nights around...we had Becca sitting on our bed.  Tasha came in and we kind of just held our breaths wondering how both would react to each other.  Becca's foster family in Korea didn't have any animals so she had never been exposed and Tasha hadn't spent a lot of time with kids.

Becca reached her hand out and grabbed a fistful of muzzle and Tasha was totally lost.  Becca became her puppy and Tasha was always where ever Becca was.  When Becca was learning to stand she would grab a handful of fur to pull herself up.  You could see the dog tighten her neck muscles so the kid could pull herself up and not fall over.  It was truly beautiful to watch those 2 together.


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