Corgi Mix - Trouble walking, lethargic. Seeking any input please! :)

Hi! My Corgi-Lab mix (Rocky) has been experiencing trouble walking since Sunday. He is around 8 years old. He was lagging quite a bit on our daily walk and since then he's been unable to walk up the steps, jump on the couch and even has trouble getting up the short step onto the porch. He's been laying around a lot and hasn't been his usual self. When I try to take him for a short walk, he walks extremely slow. He's not barking as much either. And is unable to stand for long.

I took him to the vet on Thursday (not my usual vet). He dismissed him by saying it was arthritis. He refused to do any x-rays. He told me to get him to lose some weight and that was it. He's a few pounds overweight but not obese. I also started him on Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.

A few other notes about Rocky... he has the Corgi stubby legs and has a stocky build. His front two middle nails are really worn. I've noticed before if I rub his lower back, his legs will go down pretty far. But I'm not sure if this is just a reflex. He's never really been graceful on his feet.

My other dog (a Dachshund/Beagle mix) has arthritis, she's 13-1/2. She has never acted like Rocky has been acting. And she moves faster on the walks than him. She's also "low to the ground".

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems like this with their Corgi/Corgi mixes. It's breaking my heart seeing him like this, he's completely not himself. I've had him for almost a year and I'm not too familiar with the Corgi breed. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!! :)

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Glad he's back to his happy self again -- if only they could tell us what's bothering them. Did you ever get a blood test at all, or did this just self-resolve?
Thank you everyone! Yes, Susan, I really wish our dogs could talk to us! I didn't get a blood test, he just started to get back to his character self! He's been doing great now. I noticed he's still a little slow getting up and seems to have some trouble after a walk. Now he's doing better, my other dog is having problems. Which I found out are neurological. *sigh*
Corgis are prone to back and knee problems unfortunately. :( It sounds a lot like back problems or intervertebral disk disease. It is very common and the best treatment is 4-6 weeks strict rest with pain meds/muscle relaxants. Check out this link
It usually resolves itself but there can be relapses in the future. :(


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