Do all Corgi's make funny noises? My two are a hoot! I have never heard such noises coming from these little guy's. Are all Corgi's so vocal?

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That was good, my two boys make alot of those same noises! I'm convinced this is one of the best breeds in the K-9 world. I just love my two guy's.
Max and Molly talk a lot Max more so than Molly. She grumbles and mumbles. Max talks all the time (Men). He did find out this summer he could howl. kinda funny
Mine are always saying something.  Babette will spend hours a day barking about some percieved wrong, or if something is not going the way it should.  Also if she is playing she barks.  Dex on the other hand grunts, grumbles, arrr's, and any other variation of noise he can make.  There is nothing as entertaining as corgi chatter.
Yep.  My two boys make amazing sounds.  The older one especially.  There are certain women in my high rise apartment building that I'm convinced he absolutely makes love to.  He warbles, he yodels, he croons, he sighs and sings.  Sounds I've never heard any other breed of dog make.  His younger brother doesn't exhibit this behavior nearly as much except when his older brother is away - (two overnight vet stays) - then he becomes the house Romeo - just amazing.  I'm delighted anytime my lotharios go into action.

true story: when we took our girls to our long-time vet for a check up (I dropped off, ran errands, came back), the vet tech came out to see me in the waiting room to tell me a funny story.  They had a new tech, and when the Dr. asked her to go get Luna, she said "I don't want to....that dog's VICIOUS!"  apparently, Luna had been talking all afternoon, complaining about the accomodations, the food, the separation from her sister......etc.  and when Luna complains it sounds like she's a MAD DOG!


our long time tech laughed her butt off.  She knows corgis better than that!  So we still call Luna "vicious" when she talks!  (her sister Hermione is not nearly as vocal)

Oh my - Mitzie's morning Stretch &" Arrrrrooooooooo" is my favorite!  She also makes a sound that can only be described as "Gofff" when I blow raspberries (stick your tongue out and blow). 
Our Corgis are all unique in their language. Winston grrrss, snarls, sneezes & other wise appears vicious with all the noise he makes--which noone takes seriously. Snoopy is our pet Wookie & he loves to cuss my sons out when they don't move fast enuf with food, potty breaks or attention. Poor Dukey makes the weirdest noises ever--especially when he's getting a good petting. Spuds has a minimal vocabulary--but a great beggar in spite of that.
oh both my boys are always making funny sounds-- my fluffy boy he will goo all the time sounds like a hoot owl -- neither are big barkers except when someone comes to the door or something..But they are both always making some kind of a sound -- we just love it!!
Eddie doesn't just talk, he talks back. When something isn't going his way, he'll let you know with a grumble. "Aw Mom, do I HAVE to?" It's like asking a teenager to take out the trash-- they'll let you know they're not happy about it.


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