we just adopted a 1 yr old Pembroke yesterday. I didn't notice much panting from him last night or this morning. But since early this evening I've noticed he's been panting a lot. he seems otherwise ok. he's starting to become more at home with us. he follows us around a lot and whines to the other when one of us walks out the door.

I randomly noticed the heavy panting earlier this evening and its scared me. yesterday afternoon and last night had to have been very stressful for him I know. could it be anxiety?

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Hi Ashley, thank you for adopting this little guy, it is a stressful time for him and he may react by panting, shedding and loose poop, give him sometime, he should get over initial "shell shock" and reveal his true self in 1 month. He is getting to know you, establish a good schedule, lay down solid rules and he'll be your bff in no time :)
thank you.
his sudden panting scared me. I've always wanted a Corgi. my husband got me Corri as a gift and I am sooooo attached already :-)


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