HI my 4.5 month pup seems to not like the kitchen. He will not come when called if im in the kitchen and will only eat meals there then leaves. He will very rarley chase something into the kitchen. anyone else with similar experience?

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Could it be the hardwood or linoleum flooring (whichever you have) that is different from all other rooms?

that would make sense, but the flooring is the same in all rooms of our apartment.

Have you tried hiring a ghost investigation crew? HAhah jk. It could be cause a lot of noise comes from the kitchen like dropping pans, clanging dishes, etc. or if you ever gave him a bath in the kitchen?

Sounds great to me! He eats there and then leaves.  Most dogs have to be taught to stay out of the kitchen, where they can get underfoot and in trouble. Just count yourself lucky, as long as it lasts.


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