It has been an amazing 4 years thus far, a journey that I will say we both Jazmin and I have learned a lot on thus far. A lot of people say "What a wonderful dog" not knowing the wonders of a Corgi's personality when it comes right down to it. Of all the dog breeds I've encountered either through training or passing by I'll have to admit that Corgi's have some of the weirdest quirks that I've ever encountered. This post is open to share the wonderment of what makes these dogs just so, well Corgi.

Jazmin Quirks

Eating food not out of the food bowl- Yes, she will move kibble a few pieces at a time to her mat, once that's done the process repeats until the bowl is empty.

Indifference Scratches- This one, requires would seem that she will only tolerate people for so long, then its turn rump and walk away. Its never a set time and varies from person to person.

Selective Hearing- Yep, most dogs either listen or don't, she will listen and wait for that moment to break command. Its never neglect as when I look back she is still (sitting, laying, ect. ) just a few feet closer. Also if I want her to sit and then stay I have to say just that in that exact order.

Deductive reasoning- So weird to say that a dog has this deductive reasoning, she not only understands simple commands but will also react to complex sentences and commands with almost human level responses.


There are a few more oddities that present themselves from time to time, the wide range of vocal sounds to the butt in the face when she sleeps.

If anything I would say I wouldn't trade this experience for the world, the good and the bad both combine to make one magical experience that I just simply classify "Corgi".

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Ha hah! These are great quirks...especially the kibble moving process.

I think herding dogs in general are very attuned to humans and so appear to us to be smarter than we imagine dogs should be. Cassie the Corgi clearly understands complex sentences and also hand gestures, and there's no question that she figures things out deductively. The Late, Great German shepherd also had those characteristics, whereas Charley the Golden retriever...uhmmm...NOT so much!

Too cute!
Buddha also moves his kibble to the nearest rug. But only the first few mouthfuls :)
He will not get out of his "roost" until Dad is up and out of bed too; mr Fuzzy butt has developed this over the last year since we moved in with my boyfriend.
Demanding belly rubs by the following process: 1 make eye contact with one of us, 2 grunting, 3 rolling onto his back in front of that person, feet in the air.

So many others, you're right on that!

Wally's quirks:

*  Requesting assistance for attacking chews:    Yes Wally loves bully sticks, rawhides and anything that is a long lasting chew.   But when he gets to the end he usually start his chewing session but flinging it across the room as a pre-dinner show, then sits down to get it going.   But he will usually bring it to us first as part of showing us his progression, to which we fling it, gewy or not, for him to chase and get him in the mood.    But then the crying comes as he bring the short piece to use and cries to us with it in his mouth.    We try to hide it but then he cries to get it.   He's quiet with anyone of us holding the piece in our hand and him having a chew at it.    Needless to say that I often am watchin TV with a piece of guewy rawhide or Bully stick in the hand to assist "King of the castle".

* Bark Cannon:    This could wake up the dead if we had any in our home.    He could be snoozing, relaxing or just plain chilling with us.   Out of nowhere Mr. King launches for the door in a frenzy of bark as if someone's trying to break in the home.   Come to find out it's the neighbor taking groceries out of her car.    If you try to quiet him out by raising a stern voice "NO", then I'm barking along with him and makes thing harder.     We have jumped of our seat quite a few times whe this happens.    Good thing it's not at night.

*  Extreme Bacon dance on the bed:    This one is not only Wally cause i've seen plenty of clips of others doing this.   But it's after giving him a bath.   I pick him up from the tub, rub him down as best I can and then he goes for the spare bedroom.   The boxspring is on the floor so he likes to get on it and does the twists and flips to dry himself off.   It's a full workout that is so funny but I prep the bed with some old blankets to wet down but he's exhausted afterwards.

*  Crying for the last step:    I'm glad to report that he's finally gotten over that recently.    I mean he would climb over 15 stairs, turn two 90 degree angles and at the last step he would stay there and cry.   He's on the last platform up there but has his front leg on the step and his butt doesn't cooperate to push him up.    But now it's working.


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