Look at these sweet looking girls.  They need homes.

Barbie, the first dog, was in a shelter that was gonna euthanize her because she was such a fearful dog until she was pulled and given another chance by another shelter.







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There are a few more CA Corgis looking for homes, too. I try to keep on top of these things, but I stopped advertising here because it doesn't seem like anyone on MyCorgi is looking really :P So, even if you're not looking, you should spread the word, all those who read!

I am looking!

The Reddit board is always looking for Corgis.

I saw this comment and tried to upvote it. Doesn't work around here so I will comment to show that I agree with you! :)

I am willing to take 1. Can you please tell me more about them?

Just click on the picture. It will give you more information.  But, I believe Kaja is no longer available.


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