Well, we are right in the middle of it. 18" of snow so far, more to come tonight. 24mph winds with gust to 55mph. So whats a short little dog to do? Poor Lilliput! Ordinarily they just make their corgi tunnels, sometimes with help from a human with boots, but as if noon today that wasn't working anymore. It's a wet, heavy snow, so shoveling isn't doing it anymore, either.

There was a near disaster. Both dogs somehow fell into the outdoors stairwell. Or snowpit. It looks like they went over the fence, which was under the snow, and fell or rolled down the rocks. Fortunately it was a soft landing :) But they couldn't find the stairs to climb out, or to climb down to the basement door. I was able to rescue them, and make a corgi tunnel on the way back, and Lilliput didn't even attempt to make her own, just stayed right in my tracks. Poor baby. Making tunnels is usually great fun.

Now I'm worried about letting the dogs out in the dark, since I won't see them if they get stuck out there. That's not a common concern for these Wisconsin dogs. How can a corgi get stuck in the snow??? Impossible, I would have thought.

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Haha!!  Seanna jumped off the porch and kaput--sunk up to her face in the snow.  Stayed there until we came and picked her up.  She was much more careful about following in the big dog footsteps after that.  Jackson took one look outside, and looked at us like "are you crazy"???  They are so funny.  I need to post a video I took today....

We haven't gotten that much snow yet, only 8in so far. I'm not sure how Becca will handle it when we do. She is having a horrible time figuring out how to potty in what we do have. I'll be waiting for 10min in boots and pjs while she circles trying to find a spot.

I'm glad both dogs are alright. Hopefully it didn't scare them too much. My last dog was scared of snowstorms. He reacted like some dogs do for thunderstorms. It got to a point where he had to have doggie downers whenever it stormed.

I hope this storm isn't heading toward you, then. It came with thunder and lightning, too.

When the snow gets high here in IL my dogs end up going potty on the shoveled driveway and don't even try to go in the snow....pretty smart, then we just clean up drive and no frozen puppies.......(Corgi,Doxie,Bulldog)

Oh man, I wish I get that much snow where I live! We had our "snow storm" the other day and we got a grand total of 0.5" of snow. LOL!


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