I grew up with cats-- Oscar is my first dog. He will be seven months old next week and I consider him one of the best decisions I've ever made. Turns out I'm much more of a "dog person" than I could ever have imagined. That being said, sometimes I miss having a cat around.

My husband and I are considering adding a cat to the family at some point, but Oscar's health and happiness are our top priority, of course. Is it crazy to hope that I can find a cat who will not just tolerate, but enjoy living with Oscar? I would want them to (eventually) be friends, not just roommates. Should I look for a kitten to grow up alongside our rambunctious pup, or would a mellow older cat be a better choice? There are a couple fantastic local cat rescue groups who have cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes looking for loving homes.

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 The cats (three) were here first.

Peach the oldest at 4 does NOT like Gwen it's her house and would be much happier if it was GONE. She'll charge her on occasion and be crotchety. But there's been times where she's on top of me and Gwen is close by. Or they'll be laying very close together at my husband's feet.

Scraps the 3yr old puts up with her... he'll let her herd him (we like to tell Gwen it's COWS not CATS you herd. even though they both start with C) or he'll ignore her and jump up out of the way.

The youngest Ling Lek (Thai for little monkey who lives up to her name) the Siamese actively plays with Gwen,teasing her and such.

So we run the gamut. We let them work it out themselves. Every so often we hear a yelp but no one has ever gotten seriously hurt.And while Peach doesn't LIKE Gwen she does have to LIVE with her,


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