Corgi question #3: Does anyone else have a corgi that is obsessed with catching roaches? I guess many people don't live around them, but our dog loves to go out on our back deck at night and chase them down. He gets all excited like he's on a major hunting expedition. The gross thing is that he eats them when he catches them. My last dog was a golden who never even noticed insects... I guess corgis are closer to the ground so they are more attuned to the movement there!

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Gemma loves chasing all swift moving insects, but as far as I can tell, only actually eats moths.
We dont get to many roaches but Im sure If she saw one Shelly would be all over that! lol She does however really love June bugs!

Oh and crickets too! We have a terrarium with a couple of toads and sometimes the feeder crickets get out but luckly we have little Shelly to track them down and eat them! yum!
Thankfully, we don't have any roaches but Zoe loves to catch crickets, spiders, and the occasional fly. We call her "the mighty bug hunter."
Ah, the June bug!

I have 2 cats and 1 corgi diving at my glass window/door trying to kill them by shear force of will!

One thing I do know about june bugs... They have a sickeningly crunchy outer shell and some rather runny insides. Nothing like seeing a corgi with green ooze on her mouth and paws.
Roslyn likes stomping things to death... and barking at bugs! "move bug, MOVE! Or I'm going to stomp you!"


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