I never new that Corgis loved the snow. Kati did her fist time, and I thought that was strange and her quirk but Rily, Dempsey, Brady and Sassy love it also. They did not want to come back inside. I have never laughed so hard in my life... Can't wait to see what is next.

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I'm really glad that Corgi's are "snow dogs". Our little Max absolutely loooooves the snow! I know exactly what you mean when you said they didn't want to come back inside. I have had to actually bribe Max to come to me so I could carry him into the house to let his little feet thaw out. There was 18" of new powder at our cabin last weekend, he just vanished in the snow. All we could see was the tips of his ears and the trail he was creating as he was "swimming" in the powder. So entertaining, we all laugh alot too when Max is playing in the snow.
My guys too -- as soon as the snow starts falling, they want to stay outside and play until it melts. The deeper, the better. They do their little "dolphin" wave through the piles of show and have the best time. Flip side, though: as soon as the thermometer hits about 70, they wilt. They are very wimpy about warm weather (but who wouldn't be, with all that fur!)

Love all your pictures and they have actually inspired me to get the lead out on hiking and camping with Ein!
John, you have the best photographs. The West is a beautiful place and you guys certainly enjoy it to the hilt. When we go walking in the woods around here, and the trail splits -- one side going up and one going down -- my Bertie Wooster ALWAYS wants to go downhill. I can't convince him that if we go down into a valley, eventually, we have to come back up.
Al had a sore paw after a LONG ski day at this same place 4/26/09.
Snow getting in between the pads, rubbing the soft inner skin? He was stopping to lick one paw often, and visibly slowed, only after lots of running to keep up with skier going downhill. Soft snow on firm crust, perfect for skiing/adventure dogwalking.
I put a baby sock on his paw; that lasted 3 minutes.
A similar episode after 2 days in sandy terrain 3-4 weeks prior.
I am going to try Musher's Secret.


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