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I'm very envious of everyone out there getting their Corgin lovin. I too hope to share that joy soon. I would like to know if anyone has breeders suggestions for Northern California. I've called most of the SF area breeders and received no response. Perhaps they don't have pups at the moment. However, I would love the opportunity to talk with a seasoned Corgi owner or breeder. 

Please note that I read Beth's post on "So you think you want a Corgi" and taken it to heart. My husband and I have discussed the points in Beth's post and believe this is dog for us...So please, if you have a referral, share it. Thanks!!!

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Yes, it was Rocky L Ranch. She has pup coming in a few weeks. They'll be ready in January. I'll be following her website updates closely. 

Are you looking strictly for a puppy? :) I have seen quite a few older Corgis up for adoption in CA lately. If so, let me know and I will link you :) (If not, don't worry.. Who could resist a Corgi puppy?)

Thanks for the offer. We would like a pup because we have two cats and want them to start off with thinking they are in charge ; )

Milo comes from Rocky L Ranch in Shingle Springs, mentioned here. He is now 1.5years old. I could not be happier with Milo - he is so loving and smart!! Lisa is a very professional breeder, very conscientious and active in showing. If I weren't in Florida now, I'd get another one of her pups in a heart beat.

Milo is very  handsome. He's got that wise look. 

Thanks for the Rocky L Ranch recommendation. I'll be following her website to see when the puppies arrive. In the meantime, I'll puppy-tize the house. 

Enjoy your weekend!

I noticed that the breeder of our latest puppy is expecting a litter this fall/winter.  Her website is

Hi Stacey -

I talked to this breeder about three weeks ago. At the time, her dam wasn't pregnant yet. However, I'm keeping an eye on her site as well. I will leave no stone unturned...

are you still looking for a corgi?

I'd love to have another Corgi. However, right now we have our hands full with our little Sassy Shasta and her two feline friends. I think we may consider it when she is old and can teach a pup manners. I really enjoyed the photos of your pup when the ear was droopy. Too cute.


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