Just a quick tip.  My two Corgi's, Ryno (male-large) and Wrigley (female-tiny) often get into vigorous tussles with elevated growling and snarling.  My cure is to use cherry frosting (you can see it on their white nose) or peanut butter.  I place a small dollop on each one's nose and then they spend the next hour or so lovingly licking it off each other.


This works great if you have guests over, are watching a movie, kids are doing homework.  We have only had one can of cherry frosting and it's over 1/2 full after 10 months.

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This would definitely end up in a fight with my corgi!

You have to put it up almost between their eyes.

As Misti experienced this can lead to a real fight, especially with food aggressive dogs, so play it by ear depending on the personalities of the dogs involved.  If not sure, I would have them licking it off my fingers first at the same time.  If they can do that without fighting, you should be safe to try. Real cute video.

I agree, you have to know your Corgi's.  If you have one that is more dominant and licks the other then start from there.



that made my day

That is just adorable!


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