It appears that Corgis love wearing clothes.  Or at least we assume our Corgis love wearing clothes and make them wear things.  :)  Do you have pictures of your pups in clothes?  This doesn't even have to be Corgi related!  It can be about your other kiddos too!


We wore this one for a little bit before she got her new fancy green and purple knitted sweater from her Grandmother.  :)


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Bucher doesn't want me to show this, he didn't like it at all!!


Does this count?


Murphy LOVES wearing clothes. And I'm not one of those moms who just says that... he loves being constricted in anything -- a blanket, wardrobe, MAMA'S ARMS! Here he is as Santa's little helper:

And again as the infamous banana:

And finally making his mature debut as Mr. Businessman:

Just got a sewing machine and might be making him a new wardrobe! Time to get crafty!

Look at him pose!

The Chillybuddy(TM) dog cooling vest is a purely functional, well-engineered garment for hot weather.  Our dogs are black-backed tris, and wilt in the hot sun above timberline.  I believe this thing actually helps.  You have to keep its cotton liner  damp.


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