Hello corgi friends! Recently I've noticed some changes in yayos coat (he's 3 months and a half) that have caused me some great concerns.. I was hoping you guys could answer my questions..
His puppy hair on his back started turning hard about 2 weeks ago. Is that normal? Beside being hard it's also dry and not straight. It's really all over the place
About a week ago he started having these weird white dandruffs on his fur, especially on his back and head.. I've done some research. Could it be just dry skin? I am really worried it could be certain types of mites or something like that?
And may I also have some advice on what shampoo is best for corgis? My vet recommended this hypoallergenic shampoo but it's sold at the vet office so I'm not too sure how to feel about it.
Thank you very much for any input!

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I remember Penny having some dandruff issues when her coat first started changing. The vet said it was most likely because we were bathing her too often. When we cut back on bath time it went away. Unless Yayo gets smelly of really dirty there's not really any need to clean him. Even then as long as it isn't too much dirt I just use puppy wipes. Some conditioner might help as well with the dryness and curling. Their fur gets wavy if you don't dry it usually.


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