Is your corgi crazy? Share some stories so I know i'm not alone! What's the craziest thing your corgi has ever done? The craziest thing Honey Bun's ever done is... meowed. One day i'm on my way out to the bus stop and as usoal Honey's chasing me done the hall barking begging me not to go. So I finally yell " Honey stop barkin' at me, god! And I turn to go out the door and hear a weird sound so I look back at her and all of a sudden she opens her mouth and "Meeeoooow!" I dropped my bacg and couldn't speak for a whole 2mins I just stood there. Then I remembered school and had to run to the bus stop and just thought about it the whole time. So the next time your corgi won't stop barking tell them to stop barking like a dog and maybe they'll meow! Please write your own experiences!

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One of the craziest things my corgi has ever done would have to be, trying to clear a couch with her little legs. The funniest thing that she does is, she likes attention so in the morning when she is wakes up before me, she will lick my face, to get me awake, and then she will lick my hands and start nibbling on my fingers until I rub her tummy.
that's pretty funny:)))) Tod does several crazy things.

- After every meal he does the 'Full Belly Slide' as we call it. He puts his muzzle down on the floor and slides forward alternating sides.

- Sometimes when you hold him kinda tight around his torso and put your chin on top of his head, he'll start saying 'Ah-ah-ah' alternating low and high registers ... sounding like he's possessed:)
My Corgi does the same thing Natalia right after she eats she's sliding all over the floor. And she does the posses thing to my mom almost every night before bed. LOL!
Gwynnie is pathologically afraid of... soap bubbles.
Viva used to be so afraid of mirrors that we had a full length one lying face up on the floor in front of our bedroom door. She would not walk over it so it was our make-shift baby gate. It took her months to get up the strength and courage to nudge it aside, but by that time we had been given a baby gate by one of our friends. lol.
Ein is the vocal one of our pair. He makes little sighs when we don't give in to him, or groans when he streches. He also sounds like a monkey when he and Ed are playing.

Ed will growl when he streches. He also likes to crawl onto the very top back cusion of the couch and lay there. Mind you, our couch is not against a wall, so it makes me a bit nervous.


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