Robert adopted Daisy when she was 5 from a mill... Every thing has been slow with her over the last 2 years since I came into her life...  We got a second corgi puppy in November 2011 he is a great little guy & seems to be helping bring her out of her shell:))) Today I had a little breakfast ham put aside to give them & well did Daisy surprise me she stood on her 2 little back legs to receive it (I was thrilled) she has been able to master come & sit but lay has been going on for ever with out results...  So glad I tried some thing different today:))) She is a great dog & always stays close & returns inside on command... YAY for Daisy Today is her special day:)))

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That's fantastic! You must be ecstatic after two years! I've only had Ziggy a few months and when he played with a toy, I was over the moon! I couldn't imagine waiting two years-I would have thought it was never happening at that point haha!! Congratulations:D

I know just how you are feeling Carry.  May (Mothers Day) 2011 I rescued 2, a mom who was hurt and her son.  Katie is now 5, Jack is 3.  Jack didn't take long to come out of his shell, but of course he wasn't as traumatised as Katie.  Katie had been badly injured by something, I suspect a coyote, but can't be sure.  In any case it really has taken a good year to get her to come out of the bedroom when others are around and to come up to me for a pet or treats.  Funny thing is she sleeps curled up next to me all night!  She is just a shy girl.  I'm glad Daisy is coming around...does she play with the other one?  These two tussle around alot, its hysterical!  Daisy is lucky to have such a special mom:)

Thanks Nancy, Daisy is a loner & does not connect to Milly like I would like I imagined them sleeping together & such before i brought him home- he is only 8 months and she is 7 1/2 some times they run & run together & play but its just short burst for the most part she likes to just lay...

Hi Ziggy & Kymil, I was practicing lay 100 times & wanted to go step by step... My eye's nearly feel out of my head when she was up on her back feet- she is a great dog & a smart cookie...  Having Milly the young pup is working in her favor allot of the unfounded fear that she has are being erased- but its still a slow process...  & when I see her with a toy in her mouth I always laugh- she did not know what a bed was a s well...  Milly our other guy can be a jealous little guy... But he has to learn as well:)))

Yay for daisy :D 


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