Deaf Australian Shepherd... need help and anyone know of hip remedies?

Can anyone help? My mom rescued an Australian Shepherd from a family member that is deaf and she is wayyy overwhelmed with animals already. We need a place for him and he is a good dog. Does anyone know of any rescues or anyone that would want one? He really needs a good home, he is only 7 months old and he had been abandoned. He needs extra care because he is deaf and if I could take him, I would. I live in too small of an apartment. Also, I wanted to know if anyone has any home remedies for bad hips. One of our German Shepherds has bad hips and she does not want to give him the medication she gave to his dad because it caused him seizures. Any help would be wonderful.

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I would google the Australian Shepherd rescue. Aussies are special dogs that need careful placement, especially a deaf one. I know their rescue is very active. "Sky and Lyla" is into Aussies; she might have info on rescue. Good luck!
Ashley, I believe you are in Ohio...... Check them out

Australian Shepherd Rescue
Ohio 44857
Ph: (419) 663-9860
Here's is a link to OZ rescue. As far as hip goes, no responsible person would dispense advise without an x-ray and proper diagnosis from a vet. Generally hydrotherapy helps with blood flow and help strengthen the joints, losing excess weight is going to help tremendously. Proper PT work and massage will help loosen tense muscles.
You definitely need to get in touch with ARPH. They are part of the national breed club and do a phenomenal job rehoming Aussies. One of the Aussie rescues in your area may be affiliated with ARPH, and that would be just as good. Please get in touch with a rescue rather than rehoming him yourself on Craigslist or anything like that. Aussies really require a very special home and are not good dogs for the majority of dog owners. One of the Aussie specific rescues will be able to adequately screen homes. Please let me know how everything goes. If you need any help feel free to message me. Aussies are "my breed" and I'll do anything within my power to help you help this boy find a home.
I have been looking for Aussie rescues because I know that he cannot go to just anyone. I would not ever put an animal on craigslist because you never know who you are dealing with. I asked for help for this reason. I am glad I found someone. I know all about Aussie's and their amazing amount of energy and need to work. I told my mom that she can't just give him to anybody (she wouldn't anyway) but especially because he is deaf and will need someone with time and patience. I really do not have the room for him in my little apartment and that is not fair to him. He was stuck in a small chicken coop for the past couple of months and I do not want to make him suffer more. He is very smart and very friendly. I taught him down (as in no jumping) with a hand signal in about five minutes today. I think he can hear high pitched whistling but other than that, nothing. It is sad but I know he can live a good life with the right amount of circumstances. Any help I can get would be wonderful. Kind of like you said and like I told my mom today, he can't go to just anyone.
Our Cardi has hip dysplasia so we've talked about pretty much every option with our vet and specialist. First line of defense is a good joint supplement. We use 21st Century K-9 Maximum Joint Formula which you can buy at Petsmart. That daily along with managing weight (it's better to be slightly underweight) are the easiest and probably most important. Keeping the hip muscles strong is also important and swimming and a fast paced walk are great for this. Running and jumping are going to be harder on the joints. There are injections that can be given by your vet and surgical options are available. Pain management usually comes into play as well which is when your vet may direct you to give a pain med that he/she prescribes. For something like this I would advise you see your vet or a specialist to check the hips and come up with a treatment plan. Hope this information is helpful.
Thanks! My grandmother gave her dog some kind of supplement that really helped but she cannot remember what it was called now because her dog has been gone three years. The medication the vet gave our previous shepherd caused seizures and seemed to make him go down hill faster. J.R. (our shepherd now) is still doing okay but you can tell his hips are starting to really bother him. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice we could discuss with our vet.


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