I always wanted to have Dee Dee 's pictures done professionally.  When Melissa and Franklin posted their photo shoot with the Purple Collar Pet Photography, I knew this guy was it for Dee Dee too!!  He is in Sacramento/Davis, CA area, but he will probably go to bay area too if requested.  This is not his main job (almost like a hobby?), but he does such a great job, I thought it should be.  Price is reasonable ($150 for the shoot), and the shots are great.  Please have a look...


Sorry.  I originally posted this on the blog section, but I wanted more people to see how beautiful my girl is aging... so I decided to post on the discussion.  You can never see too many Corgi photos, right?  :p

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Thank you all for kind comments.  The old lady Dee Dee appreciates it very much.  Also, I shared this link with the photographer himself, and he is very appreciative of your comments as well.  He said "If I read too many more comments like that my head will be too big to fit through doorways..."  

As I said before, he's very nice and modest, and my husband and I (and Dee Dee) truly enjoyed the session with him.  No, I don't get any commissions from recommending him, but I just love recommending good service whether that's hotel, restaurant, or pet photography services!!  Hope people in this area (plus SF area) takes advantage of his talent.  Have a great Friday everyone!!

Alex, I totally agree 100% with your recommendation. He is one of those artists that you just want to hit it big! He so deserves it! His photography is absolutely stunning and he is such a pleasure to work with. After my session with Kirby I feel if he can take such awesome pictures with Kirby then he can work with ANY dog!!  I had researched pet photographers when I was in the bay area and none of their work even came close to his pictures and many of then charged outlandish fees (there was one that even charged $600!!!). He just has such an eye for pet photography and can really capture the essence of the dog or cat. He does have a Yelp page as well, just FYI. :-D

Thanks for the info on Yelp!  I totally put a positive comment there after you told me about it.  :) 

I just realized since i "like" his site I have already seen Dee Dee's shoot.  Very awesome, I wish I lived closer I do not think he would come to So Fla.  Maybe we could come to the Corgi picnic!?

I have always liked Franklin and Melissa's photos and Dee Dee's are great too.  Where does he do the photo shoot?  I really would love to have a photo shoot for Chloe.  I liked his page.  Beautiful work.

He is based in Davis, but works in Sacramento, so Elk Grove should be ok.  He is willing to work with you, so if you have something particular in mind, you should talk over with him.  We had no idea on where to shoot, so we ended up going to UC Davis in Davis where he was very familiar with.  I later thought about Capitol, but that might have been a bit too crowded and probably wouldn't be able to do the off leash shots.  But either way, he's really nice, and price is reasonable, so go for it!!  I highly recommend it.  :)

I highly recommend it as well and I haven't even gotten all the pics back yet ;->.   We just did a photo shoot with him last Friday here in Santa Cruz and I can't WAIT to see the pics!   There are a few posted but he said it would take a few weeks to finish them all up... Here are a couple though:



He's a super nice guy (and very patient)... Other than picking the venues since I"m more familiar with the area he pretty much had all the ideas, thank goodness ;->   I'm sure I'll be posting a link to the rest as soon as they are ready.

I can't wait to see Chewey's photos! I loved the one of him running on the beach! As you probably know, he just got married and went on his honeymoon so very busy. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the shoot!

I know... he did our photoshoot on the way back from his honeymoon ;->    Now that's dedication!  He clearly loves taking pictures, we finally had to stop because it was starting to get dark...lol.

Love those photos!  He is really good in general, but I think he especially does well with Corgis!!  He captures the "Corgi-ness" even though he owns a Lab.  Can't wait to see rest of the photos!!  

Do you think he would consider a second honeymoon in South Florida??

You never know.    I originally was thinking that it wouldn't work out because Sac isn't all that close, but Alex suggested contacting him because he's been spending time in this area (presumably since he got married close by).      So next time I talk to him I'll ask him if he's planning any trips to Southern Florida anytime soon....;->


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