So this isn't corgi specific as much as a general sick puppy question.


Over the holidays Stanley, my little 3.5 month old corgi, managed to develop a cough.  I took him to the vet this morning and sure enough it's kennel cough (he had his first dosage of the bordetella vaccine in early December).  He has antibiotics and should be better in a week or two.  Until then it's no puppy class or playgroup.


So here's my question: what is the best thing to use or best way to disinfect the house for the viruses and bacteria that cause kennel cough?  My plan was to essentially wash all of the bedding and washable things he comes in contact with and then disinfect the toys and the floors as much as possible, but I'm kind of lost on what is best to use, short of bleach.  Any suggestions?  I've done some online research but didn't really get anything satisfactory and I didn't get a chance to ask the vet before she slipped out to the next patient.

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We use simple green, you can get it in bulk from Sam's club. It is pet friendly and non toxic / allergenic.

You can also use it with your carpet steam cleaner.



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