Isabella is required to have the Bordatella vaccine for her grooming facility.  I have always had all her shots done by the vet.  I know she is due for Bordatella and when I called to make her a grooming appointment I told them I whould have it done before I bring her in.  They told me that I can get it for just a few dollars at the feed store and that it is easily administered nasally.  I figured if they accept this (I have to provide receipt, box label, etc. as proof) it must be OK.  What do you think?  Honestly, if I didn't take her for grooming, I'd be one to skip Bordatella all together.

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I didn't know that was legal, but what do I know. Turns out they sell vaccines at Dr. Foster and Smith too, and the price isn't bad. I've never done it myself, but I imagine some dog breeders would at the very least.

Griffin was given Bordatella vaccine as a nasal spray at the vets last time. Sounds like you could easily give it to your dog yourself.

Yeah, they do sell vaccines at the feed stores.  My sister-in-law buys the vaccines and administers it to her chihuaha herself.  I just say, hey go for it if you're willing to do it.  Half of what we pay for at a clinic is the cost of someone else administering it.  If you look up the vaccines yourself, they're really quite affordable.  I was looking into it myself but, I couldn't do it myself so, I just prefer to pay extra to have someone else do it. 

You could even youtube it and watch people do it.

To be honest, doesn't matter. Bordatella doesn't really work all that well anyway and giving an intranasal vaccine won't hurt, it doesn't go systemic. If your grooming facility takes it, go for it. Just remember many facilities won't take it so if you expect to board or anything like that you will have to have it repeated (which also isn't a big deal). Franklin received is first intranasal bordatella a few months ago and actually got sick from the vaccine, snorting/sneezing/coughing. It lasted about 3 days before he was starting to show improvement. I would buy an intranasal over an injectable from a feed store for the safety factor. We have had several "fully vaccinated" dogs come in with parvo, all vaccines being done from store bought/feed store vaccines. These vaccines are not shipped and stored properly so many times they don't provide any protection and if you vaccinate improperly you can cause prety nasty infections/absesses (which I have also seen).

Thanks everyone. Her groomer is at a boarding facility, so she'd be covered either way. I think I'll try it myself for this one. I wouldn't do any of the others myself...This one, though, I think is more for their benefit than Isabella's anyway!

As a Vet Technician I would NEVER recommend something that you get off at the feed store. In all honesty nothing prove that it a legit vaccine and I'm pretty sure it not worth anything. Would you get a shot from the super market ? I would rethink your choice.  Keep your Corgi safe and get her shots from a Veterinarian :) 


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