(2007)I don't have any ID microchips in my corgis, was wondering if anyone out there has done it before.

(2009 update) I've since taken all my foster dogs to get chipped. It's cheap and the procedure is fast :)

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I am going to its acualy pretty cheap were I live its 47 dollars and its awsome if your pet every gets lost they can trace him/her!
Both Toby and Lola are microchipped...................its routinely done when you get a dog from Ptes Second Chance Rescue group
All of mine are chipped....i wouldn't recommend doing it when they are too young because the chip can migrate down their shoulder like it did with one of my dogs...we usually tell our clients to microchip their pets when they come in at 6 months to spay or neuter them...also I don't know if it is just for Illinois or for the rest of the USA but the government is trying to make it a law so that all dogs and cats are microchipped
Zed has a microchip. He was picked up as a stray. Now if he strays again he can be traced back to us. I like the idea that he can come home if he gets lost.
We haven't done it for Roxi... I've been wary since I read an article about the chips causing cancer in a lot of pets and at the time the shelter that did it for cheap I learned did it with their own address instead of your own.. so if we do it, I'll find a place that'll put in our address.

For those that have done it as well.. is there a way to get it readdressed?
The dog microchips do not cause cancer...we use AVID microchips where I work and we contacted the dealer and they said that their brand is proven not to cause cancer in pets...also for the change of address, i know for sure if your vet uses AVID you can call up AVID and change your address if you move, as well as the AVID chips are always registered to the vet and it is up to the owner to decide if they want to change the contact information to their own instead of the vets, so if the chip is still registered to the vet clinic and they know your change of address and ohone number there should not be a problem or you can change it to your own information.
AVID is a great brand. Two of my corgis have the microchip and there have not been any problems. We moved and it was easy to change contact/vet info. Our little girl will get hers as soon as we get her spayed.
Microchips do not cause cancer. The media is getting this information because really any vaccine, injection, skin 'trauma' can cause tumors. These are extremely rare, but that should never stop you from getting your pet vaccinated or having blood drawn for heartworm checks, etc and/or getting your pet microchipped. I can not tell you how many times pets have come to the veterinary office I work at and when scanned, found a chip and then reunited with their owners. So very worth the money and that incredibly rare risk of developing any tumor.
All of my personal dogs are chipped as well as our rescue dogs. There has been a report of cancer at the injection site but looking at true numbers the incidence is very small. Regarding getting them chipped too young that is also a fallicy. In some dogs the chips do migrate but this has no relation to age nor does it happen with a frequency. It is always good to have your dog scanned for a chip when you visit your vet to make sure it is still in place. If your information changes you only need to contact the company that registers the chip for the proper forms to update your information. This is the most fail safe way to prove ownership as well as make sure your pet finds his way home should he be lost. Their is a range of costs depending on your veterinarian. Often times Humane Society's offer microchip clinics at a much more reasonable rate.
Both of mine are microchipped, gives me a better piece of mind. Home again now has a great plan. If your pets missing, notifiy them they notify all your local hospitals, rescues, shelters, etc. Also lost pet health insurance. If you pet is found hurt or sick the insurance pays for treatment, I think up to $3000 a year(don't quote me on the amount, but it's something like that). The microchip is identification that can't be lost like a collar and tags can be lost
As of September 1, 2007, all puppies above the age of 3 months old must be microchipped in Singapore. When I bought Ritz at the age of 3 months old, he was already microchipped in Australia where he was born. Not only are the dogs easily tracible, its a deterrent to irresponsible owners who abandoned their pets.
The microchip is really small-like a grain of rice.
Rhys is chipped.


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