Does your corgi frantically run sprints throughout the house?

I call this the corgi "psycho run." Every corgi I have ever know goes on a crazy run throughout the house until they are exhausted. Do any of your corgis do this? It's sooo funny!

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Oh my, Yes! Sidney just had an awesome FRAP session right before I sat at the computer. Here's a great thread about it:

FRAP = Frantic Random Acts of Play (and several variations of this)
Oh, my gosh I didn't even know that was what it was called!! Thank you!
Yes, both of my corgi's do this every time I let them inside. They run down the hall into the living room and repeat this over and over again until they become tired. It's comical.
JD dose it to! We dont have that big of a house but your couch sits almost right across the room from our bed room door.He will make a trip around the bed run and litaraly leap on to the couch bounching off the part that your back leans up agains on the couch, jump back on the floor run under the coffee table in to the kitchen. Turn around and make a dead run to the bed room again.

The first time I seen this "FRAP" i thought my corgi had lost it!! Now i know its normal. And just think its funnier than hell. Our lab will just sit back and watch him and kind of cock her head at him just waching him. LOL
Every day multiple times!
Gingerbean does it too! I am so glad that there is a name for it. It totally amuses the cat when she does this.
Oh, my gosh! Bailey and my cat do the same thing! It's soooo funny! Once she gets hit she starts going psycho haha
My Vash does this too- only when coming back inside the house from outside! How strange! If we let him out of his pen in the kitchen, it takes him awhile to ger riled up, if at all. But, as soon as he gets in from one of his walks or potty outings- he goes INSANE! I wonder- does he really like being IN the house so much he gets so excited to come back inside?
I am looking forward to this. Maybe I should call my new dog FRAPPUCCINO ? :)))))
That would be sooo cute!
Ohhh- I likie! That would be clever/cute.
Kirby will do it and to my wife and I, it's an indication that he has to go out and poop. Would be much simpler to just sit by the door and bark, but I guess sprinting around is more fun for him! We have yet to see our 4 month old Cricket do it (other than chasing Kirby around the house), but time will tell!


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