Does your corgi only like particular dogs- does yours???

Suki is a pretty friendly dog however she seems to hate Cocker Spaniels and Pugs.

Does your corgi hate particular dogs too???

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Pumpkin (yes Happy Thanksgiving) dislikes all small dogs. Of course, we know Corgis are not small. Yorkies, Westies,
Poodles and so on. She sees a Lab, Boxer, any big one and she's friendly. My husband always worries but ...cows are larger still and she has no fear of them.
suki trys to herd cows its so scary . i think she is going to get kicked.
Herding cows is what they do...when they work. The reason their ears are so big is to hear the cow pick up their hoof and off they go. They actually drop and roll out of the way. I wish we could get a video of the Corgis' in action it's amazing to see. Happy Thanksgiving.
Ever try and take something from your corgi that they aren't supposed to have? They are incredibly good and ducking and dodging out of the way.
Lola is the same way!!! My trainer said that sometimes with herding dogs, they see those small dogs as prey... Lola has gone after a few of those dogs (Chihuahuas more often) and seems to want to hurt them! It's scary...
your right you can just imagine what might happen so you freak out even it is just a little growl
Camber likes dogs that calm.
Harries does not like Maltese dogs....and that is what my sister has!! it's always fun when we get together...
KC seems to get along pretty well if most other dogs we come across but the first time she got really violent was towards a pug at a soccer game in September. And then a week ago we were out on a walk and we came across two beagle beagle crosses and boy did her big dog personality come out!
My corgi is generally pretty friendly. However we have a dachshund and her and the dachshund tend to get into really BAD fights. When I asked the vet about it I was told that Corgi's and Dachshunds are not good "playmates" NOW SOMEONE TELLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg thanks for telling me though
My mom has 2 dachshunds and they all get along great! Even the older one plays tons with Kota and doesnt really play all that much with the other doxie... it's weird, so I don't think that saying that corgi's and doxies are not good playmates is a very accurate thing to say. Just my 2 cents. Good luck


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