We've noticed that Isabelle makes this little, almost "clicking" sound when she breathes. It doesn't always happen though. I've noticed it when she is panting, sleeping (snoring), of even sometimes when she is just sitting being a good little corgi. Does anyone elses corgi do this, or do we need to take her to the vet? We've noticed it off and on since we got her; it seems as though maybe something between the mouth and nasal passage isn't fully closed at times? Thoughts?

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My corgi definitely snorts! She snores when she sleeps and she also seems to snort a lot when she is happy. When she is getting lots of cuddles she'll roll around and snuggle up close to me and she'll snort while she is doing it. I never thought it was a problem, I just find it endearing. But I would recommend taking your puppy in to the vet any time you are worried, especially if you think there may be breathing problems. Better safe than sorry!
Yes, and I snort back at him, he gets all confused.
I've noticed the clicking sound.
I've only had Lyla for a little over 2 days now, but I noticed that she does this too. The first night I had her, I kept getting concerned and checking her crate until I realized the odd sound I was hearing was just her snoring! I'm not overly concerned though, my last puppy had little quirks, and I'm sure this one will too!
Yes i have noticed the odd clicking sound from Sadie!
Thanks for the info! We figured it was a "corgi-thing" since my parents corgi does the same thing. We'll mention it at her next vet appointment just to make sure! :)
think of it this way. The way dogs breath, especially to pant is in through the nose, out through the mouth. Try it yourself :)
When you do it your tongue has to go back a bit so that you can breath in just through your nose with out it coming in through your mouth as well. This is what your corgi does. The little clicking sound that you hear is the saliva or puppy spit in between the roof of her mouth and the tongue when she goes to push the air out of her mouth.
If that makes sense.
The snorting when shes happy, playing, etc, is the same sort of thing. Pull your tongue back a bit in your mouth, like you would if you were a puppy lunging for a toy or favorite slipper... now try inhaling :P
Leo makes an intentional snort sound sometimes but it is not related to his breathing. I would have a vet check it if she does it related to breathing. Both my guys snore and make funny sounds when they sleep.


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