I have two pembroke corgis, Toby and Ginger. We adopted both of them so we don't know too much about their history but Toby is full size and Ginger is about 10lbs underweight (so we think she might be mixed with something else). But when Ginger is excited she wags her little nub like there is no tomorrow and it is the funniest thing! Toby on the other hand never wags his nub. Does your corgi wag his nub? Do you know what might cause this kind of behavior?


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When playing, Josie will get down in a ready position with head down and butt in the air and her nub goes crazy...I think it is her way of starting her afterburners.
NUBBINS!!!! I love nubbin' wags! Duncan wags his nubbin' to just about everything that is said to him. And when he gets real excited....it starts at the nubbin, works up to the butt area, to the hip area until he is almost as bad as those Jello commercials, the one they do about wiggle room.
Caesar has a resemblance of a nub... I'm not kidding that thing is no longer than an inch. But when he is at the park herding the ducks that thing moves like it is a full on tail
Zia, Zeke, and Zack were all docked by their breeder. Zia and Zeke wag their nubs and their whole body, too. I've seen Zack wag his 2 times. He came to us 4 months ago today from a bad situation. I'm hoping that has he feels more secure and loved here he'll start to wag his. We also have a 10 year old cocker spaniel, Zip, who wags his nub, too.
Our breeder docked Trice's tail. Trice wags his nubs when he's very excited. Most of the time its a little sway here and there. I think its cute.
Corgi's used to be bread naturally with no tail and that's still standard in countries that don't allow tail docking. Does anyone here have a corgi that is naturally tail less? Does it wag its tail? I don't really know much about it, but I'm just trying to figure this out about my own dogs, are there any breeders on here that might be able to shed some light on this?

The greatest joy of my day is coming home to Bubba. At first meeting, that little nub wags 453 MPH and he runs and jumps on the couch, snagging a favorite teddy bear and rolls over for a good, quick belly rub before he takes off again with teddy in his mouth.
you know how all dogs wag their tails when they're happy and excited? same concept. except they wag their nubs.

we call little bear the rump shaker... his whole butt shakes when he's happy! its the greatest thing ever. most dog owners gets that friendly tail wagging. but us corgi owners? we get an entire body-happy shake! gotta love it!!!


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