Just wondering if anyone can recommend a source to buy name tags for my corgis' collars that don't stain the white fur around their necks. Thanks for any recommendations.

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Hi Wendy, clear nail polish :)

haha. is there anything you don't know?  ;)

thanks, sam!

Mom told me this idea as well though i have to say dont buy CHEAP clear nail polish because it will chip and then you will have to deal with the staining again... Ace gets it bad becuase not only does his ID tag do it but the ring on the collar does it as well.. and i found out dollar tree clear nail polish is to thin XD;

I know this a thread older than anything, but I wanted to mention that Seche Vite is a hard drying nail polish that doesn't chip easily. It's sold at CVS and Ulta.

LOL. This is an old thread. Stupid me, I bought leather collars with riveted tags but didn't think about the brass buckles!

I have seen plastice covers as well, but your idea is better.

http://www.luckypet.com/categories.php?cat=301  We got ours from LuckyPet here in Seattle.  Quick, inexpensive. 

Get stainless steel -- including the ring -- as small as possible.  Avoid aluminum.

Ours contains nothing but our cell phone #s, with area code.  Small as a paper clip.

You might want to include the chip #.

Better yet, get the rivet-on kind.  Silent.  I may change to that.  Wish I could get a rivet-on license.  You do have to drill/punch/melt a hole in the collar and peen the rivets shut with a hammer.  Leave no rough edges on the inside.


People go way overboard on collars and tags.  The animal has to lug those things around their whole life, always rattling, in the way.  A collar does not have to hold a car.  Our modified Martingales (collar FAQ) are 1/2" nylon webbing

@John- why not just include the license info. on the tag?
because it changes annually?  and it has to be an official Seattle dog tag?  not sure.
I saw an animal expert on TV once that advised that the one thing you should never put on a dog's collar is his/her name.  Strangers that mean to steal them will then know their name to call them and lead them away from safety. 
Thank you. Makes sense, but my corgis would come to anyone that said, "hey cutie," or any sweet talk. Knowing my dogs names would not aid and abet a would-be-kidnapper.    :)

Cookie!  That is so funny!



I have heard never to put names on your children's backpacks, shirts, bikes, etc.because a stranger could use that against them.  But for dogs I think that is silly.  If someone is close enough to your dog to read their tag, they can just grab them.


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