So, as many of you may know, Dodger is a really heavy chewer. Loves to chew and gnaw on anything that's his. I'm trying to prepare for him birthday in advance that way I can focus on planning/getting a little Corgi birthday party set put together. So what would be some really good durable dog toys that you would recommend? Please no ropes. Dodger has been having issues with ropes lately. I know Kong is really good with durable stuff, but I'd like to branch out from just mainly sticking to Kong. Or if you have some really good quality recommended bones that would be good for chewers, what are they or their brand?

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My boyfriend's mom has had this one dog toy lying around forever thats also a tug toy from west paw design. I know an indoor dog park we frequent buys their balls from there as well because it's so durable. We just got one of their tug toys, bumis, for Penny because she loved it so much. All their toys look quite durable so they might be good for your tough chewer.

Not too much is durable enough around here, we have stuck with mainly balls from  We stick with the ones that have a rating of five of five or four of five.  We do let them play with stuffed toys under supervision and as a treat, so not for a long time.

Thanks you two! I'll definitely look into getting him some of those. West Paw is really good. We got one of their items in a BarkBox and Dodger loves it. Never tried planetdog items before so it should be quite a new experience for us. The eggplant toy looked so adorable though! I'll be sure to get him that one.

Arrow loves his puzzle ball - a green ball that he rolls around and it drops pieces of kibble. I suspect the little tabs by the hole can eventually be chewed but it seems pretty durable so far and seriously time consuming. I gave him a whole meal in there tonight.


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