Recently, about a month ago, leon and I moved back in with my parents. I used to enjoy being able to bury my face in his fur before we did, and now... well, now I can't. Since then he has lost his pleasant soft doggy smell for the odor of my parents mutt. It's a very harsh and sour sort of smell and I can't stand it. It makes me gag. I'm not wanting to bath leon more than once a month, or as any more than nessicary, so I'm wondering if I can wipe him down with something to cut down on the stink. Does anyone know if there are such a thing as doggie wipes, or if it would be safe to use baby wipes on him? Because I love that they're getting along and have each other to keep company and play with. but holy crap does it smell TERRIBLE!

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We got a sample of doggie wipes a few months back from petsmart, we tried it once, unfortunately it wasn't that effective in my opinion :( It does not last as long as I want it to be, plus hair traps smell, it's really just topical.
Wipes won't remove anything but superficial dirt, and there's the likelihood that your corgi will just HATE the smell of any perfume in the wipes, unless you can find some Bird Dropping or Dead Earthworm scented wipes. :-)
Smell is important. Maybe it's your parents' dog that you need to bathe?
I was going to say the same thing about the parent's dog.
Oh he does, but he's just too big and rowdy. The one time that I tried, while we still had a tub indoors, he took the doors off it and almost broke the the sink in the bathroom. Oh, and the hair... we were bathing ourselves in dog hair for over a month. We've also tried bathing him outside, since he is supposed to be an outside dog, but that has proven it's self to be equally as ineffective, if not more so. He'll run as far away from you as he can get and roll around in and make as much mud as possible, which just ends up getting him dirter than when we started. And it's funny, because he loves water, and he loves being rubbed and petted, but being cleaned that's an absolute no way.
We use a spray called Pure Ayre that we found at Petco, she doesn't like to be sprayed all of the time. Sometimes I will spray some on a couple of papertowels then wipe her down.
I don't think it will hurt bathing Leon twice a month with soft puppy shampoo. Baby or doggie wipes are useful to clean dirt, but the smell doesn't last anyway.
I don't really need it to last that long, just when I want to give him hugs. :)
I don't know that baby wipes would be unsafe, I use them to clean off Niki's paws after he walks in mud or rock salt. When his fur starts to get a bit funky but it isn't bath time yet I use a doggy spray, 'Just As Fresh' brand in coconut calypso scent. He doesn't object and it works pretty well. I know that Petco carries a number of similar products. & as I'm thinking about it, I seem to recall that vanilla has odor cutting properties so maybe a vanilla scented product would be a good choice. Hope you find a solution to leon's dilema. I agree that corgi is a pleasant doggy smell.
We use huggies natural care baby wipes for feet, mouth and bunny butt as needed but I haven't tried using it for general fur cleansing. Since it cuts chicken fat on the face and paws, it should take off the grime and smell. If you use wipes on the fur, try rubbing against the grain to get down in, otherwise all the under layers will still smell, even if the top one doesn't.


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