Hi All..I thought we can share our story with you. It was a very hot day yesterday here in Port Moody, BC, Canada. I thought I would get starbucks for my fiance who works in the field, and I took Yogi and Abby with me so they can have some wind in their faces....they love the short car rides. So I parked at the end of the parking lot where it's a little bit shadier. I went into starbucks for no more than 5 mins. When i came back, i didn't notice anything wrong. As I was turning out of the parking lot, I thought...where is Abby's grunt when Yogi went to the backseat. Note that I was driving the hyundai santa fe, which is big and tall....too tall for a scardy pup like abby to jump out of. And if she HAD jumped, she'd be limping. So, i reversed my car back to the parking spot, looked everywhere, started crying, and called my fiance to tell him that I had lost our baby girl....I knew i wasn't going to see her again, but i ran back and forth calling out her name, broken hearted. Her brother was still in the car, waiting as I ran and cried histerically. Some passerby helped me look for abby as well...I was not about to give up, so I called my vet to get spca or a shelter's number. They gave it to me, and i called the shelter. This was only after about 20 minutes abby was missing. I called them, and they had a corgi!! Corgis are very very rare in canada, so they knew that she was ours...I had forgotten her tags and collars because it was supposed to be a very short ride...I went there, of course charged for the pound fee and her license (which we didn't know was a bylaw in our city to have a dog license until now). The shelter people said that there are many dognappers especially for purebred dogs. Abby and yogi are purebred corgis, but both had been neutered and spayed, so abby was no good to whoever took her..and abby has a bruise under her chin, which she wouldn't let me touch.

The lesson we learned is that there are dognappers out there. Although our kids love their short car rides, they won't get that anymore unless they don't have to stay in the car. It was traumatizing, and we never thought something like that could happen in our community.

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Thank goodness you were able to find Abby!!!!!! I would have been hysterical also.
That's horrible. I know I would have lost it and been hysterical as well. I'm so glad you found her!
How frightening!!! Glad you were able to get her back so quickly. I have to question the bruising on her chin and the short time she was turned into a shelter. I think if anyone was to dognap her they would of taken both and not turned her into a shelter so quickly plus the bruising under the chin so sensitive to the touch is suggesting she jumped and whacked herself on the landing which brings me to suggest having a vet look that over since she could have fractured her mandibular or caused some nerve damage and her anterior lower teeth could die off. Microchipping would of been handy as well since they didn't have their collars on and collars and tags can always be stripped. Glad she is safe and sound.
I don't think you can rule out the possibility that she jumped out of the window, if it was open wide enough. The chin bruise is consistent with this hypothesis.
"...but both had been neutered and spayed, so abby was no good to whoever took her." I don't buy this. I would think dognappers would be either selling the dogs, or keeping them for themselves, or holding for ransom. People Do steal dogs, but why would they steal a dog only to bring it to a shelter within 20 minutes? It is possible that someone stole her on impulse, then got cold feet and let her go.
Doesn't the shelter have a record of who brought her in? Could've been a good samaritan passerby.
Thanks everyone...yes it was devastating, but we are too lucky she was found so fast.

Yeah we didn't rule out the possibility that she jumped...it could've happened too....we just couldn't see her doing it because she's such a princess, who wouldn't even jump down from a corolla, she must be picked up, or tricked to get her to jump down from the short car...and jumping out of an SUV window seemed odd to us. But yes we'd never know what happened..

We thought Yogi wasn't taken away because if you see his pics, he's quite big...I can hardly lift him up nowadays. People at the shelter warned us that the target is female pups for breeding, because in Canada, purebreds are worth so much. A corgi at a pet store is $1800 canadian...

No, the shelters didn't ask any questions. One thing i know is that abby is all talk...she'd bark at strangers, and when frightened, she doesn't trust strangers...last time my fiance and I and another person were trying to save a dog on the road, it took us well over an hour to catch the dog. We thought it was weird that someone can get to the shelter far away from where we were so fast after having to catch abby...so it IS definitely a possibility someone got cold feet after stealing her...all we know is we're too happy to find her..knowing how close i was to highway, i was pretty lucky. She's our little girl, and we'd go crazy if we'd lost her, and we know yogi would probably be devastated too. They were so happy to see each other again!
Glad the both babies are okay!!
So glad to hear your Abby came back safely with nothing but a bruised chin. I am sure it was extremely frightening for you no matter what happened.
Thanks for the story, it is good to keep in mind.

Glad you found her!
oh my, I would have been hysterical too. In fact, sometimes, when I've left the dogs at home (like now, when it's too hot for them), I have a few seconds of panic when I go to my car in a parking lot and no one is in the back seat! Bertie Wooster once leapt out of the back of an SUV (and he is NOT a jumper or an escape artist -- but the lure of grilling hamburgers was too much for him), so it can be done; although I watched in horror (you know how time slows down for these kind of things?), thinking he would break many bones, but he was ok. So glad you are all doing fine, and that she ended up in the shelter so quickly! I got the "Home Again" microchip for both of mine, and have uploaded recent pictures on the website too, which will be distributed and used as flyers should they ever go missing. Gives me some peace of mind.
I'm so glad you had a good outcome to what must have been very terrifying!! I know I would have been hysterical!! Give Abby a special treat from Edward and Gemima for me!
I think regardless of whether or not the dog was napped, it's important to remember not to leave your purebred pups unattended.
We have a fenced in yard thatI know Atlas would never get out of, but I would never leave him back there alone. Not until we get a doberman :).
Thanks for sharing your harrowing story. Made my stomach ache to read it but it was a GREAT reminder (I do the same thing sometimes...). So glad you have your Abby back safe and sound. Yikes!


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