ziggy! the magnificent! (isnt he cute)

why is he so magnificent? because he is MY CORGI!!

he is 4, and was born august 1st 2007. he is healthy for the most part (allergic to fleas, could stand to lose three-five pounds, which is good because when the lady i got him from got him from the lady that got him from the original owner (who may or may not have gotten him from a breeder) he weighed in at almost 50 pounds. the previous owner had him eating homemade food-and get this-its the same recipe i had saved for when i did get a corgi!

how perfect!:D oh, he is an excessive couch potato apparently.. and so far it seems true. i tried to walk him around my block and after getting halfway down a street, he stopped, turned around and pulled me right back to our house. i only let him do that for today, since he is going through getting a new home again. (the girl i got him from on had him since Nov-she only took him in to help him lose weight then find the perfect match for him-me;D) he hasnt barked once since ive met him, and he completely ignores cats-which is more than i could ask for really lol. i thought that i was going to have to go through a dog trying to get to know a cat while the cat only wants to be left alone haha.. but nope:D he is sooooo crazy awesome.. i cant wait to start walking with him a little later today, but im kinda nervous because i dont know how long he likes his walks haha. right now, i only have a couple pics of him on the computer-i have a ton more on hubby's camera, but he has to upload them for me before i can put them up! but i will:D here are the pics the previous owner sent me when i was still waiting to meet him.. they do not do him justice-he is SO much cuter in real life (and in the pics i took) i think she just had a bad camera or had bad timing with a camera lol.. one of the two! (hes still super cute in these pics, but they just.. dont capture him haha.)

im covered in dog fur.. and i LOVE it! im a corgi mom! FINALLY!:D

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LOL! Yes, he is truly magnificent (so's my Oliver, for EXACTLY the same reason). Congratulations!

You get me lol:P

Thanks, it's been the an amazing week having him.. He finally crawls over to cuddle with me if I bug him enough lol... Which is a big improvement, because before he wouldn't even acknowledge me for the most part--he liked my fiance more at first-cuddled with him first, gave him kisses first, etc.

It made me mopey... And then I decided that he was gonna give me affection-even if I was the one who made it-so I pulled him over and cuddled with him-I think that that did a lot of good, because that's when he really started opening up to me. And of course, to make sure he knows that I'M his parent main parent, I have been the one feeding, cleaning up after and walking-hubby has been on two of our about ten walks haha.

Now it's pretty clear that I'm the favorite--which is how it's supposed to be. May sound odd to other people to try to actively coach it into a dog, but with how Corgi obsessed I am, I decided to at least try for first place. It kinda worked, though he's still bonding with hubby-especially like last night after I gave him a bath.. Did not appreciate it-not that he's bad during baths, he does exceptionally well, but like, I accidently didn't rinse his back legs well enough at first, so I tried to get him to follow me back to the bathroom and he wouldn't so I went to pick him up and he cowered behind hubby! I was like, "You're a turdlet, and you're going back in the tub." xD He smells awesome though:D

He's so cute!  Glad he's fitting in....Secretly I'm Seanna's favorite, but she's not really a snuggly dog.  She'll listen to me the best, and runs to me when she's done something wrong and is about to get in trouble, or first thing in the morning when I wake up--she'll choose to give me kisses before my husband.  Other than that she's pretty much everyone's dog.  Doesn't play favorites.  I wish she did all the time....sigh....

Thanks, he really is, especially when he is on the couch and I am making his dinner-he's too scared to jump down alone,-he whines and barks in the most pathetic way, it's adorable lol.

I feel as though I had been making our bond better, but the past three days there haven't been able to be any walks (Oddly enough, Ziggy actually seemed distraught at this.. I can't figure it out, one day he acts like I am murdering him by making him walk, the next he is staring at me like I'm a madman when I took him back upstairs the first day after his meal without walking him.) and it seems to be that he's a tad less interested in me, and won't wrestle with me really unless I try super hard to get him to play. Luckily, tomorrow everything will be cleared up, there won't be anyone breathing down our backs to pay a $250 deposit for him staying for like one and a half weeks. (We are moving into our new place tomorrow:D!) Haha, I'm pretty sure that Ziggy is going to be happy to be getting exercise again, even if he pretends not to be. I know I'll be happy to cram walks in again, they were one of the bright points of my day.

Congrats! You did it. You finally made your dream come true. So happy for you and Ziggy.

If I haven't already told you, let me tell you (again?) how HAPPY I am that you got your Corgi. Lucky you and especially lucky Ziggy. One thing I know Ziggy will never lack is lots of love from his mamma! Congrats.

Haha, it looks like you did indeed tell me! I didn't see it though:( I would have replied:D

Thank you a bunch:) He won't, I love him way more than should be possible haha. And he still makes me just as happy as when I wrote this post. Right now he is laying next to me, napping underneath my waaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm coat even though here I am, freezing my butt off lol. I was wearing it but he kept getting shivers, so I gave it to him. It's very cold in our apartment, and we aren't sure why lol.

I thought I responded but I couldn't find it. I still can't figure out how these pages relate to dates. Then today I see my messages are in a row, one from yesterday and the other from about a month ago. At least you know that I'm thinking about you & felt that 2 congrats was better than none!  ; )

Haha, they sometimes confuse me too, especially since you can reply to individual comments, so they don't always go in order of who said what first, at least not exactly.

Yes, it is nice to know that:P So double thanks haha!:D

Right now, Ziggy is sleeping and snoring suuuuuuuuuuper loud haha. It's very funny to because since his overbite is so large, he is just drooling up a storm and it's ALL over him haha.

So happy for you!!! Ziggy is adorable!!  How is the barking going now, that its been a month?  Tucker didn't bark much when we got him either, but he definately found his voice, but he still is pretty quiet.  He surprises people when he does bark, cause he is so laid back, lol. 

Love the pics, Ziggy and you are both very lucky to have each other.  My daughter has the same comforter but in lime green, its soooo soft!!!


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