So here is the thing.  Olive is 10 months old now and she has always slept with us which we love.  The problem is that she wants to get up at the crack of dawn and whines on the bed until I let her down and then I have to get up too and six AM is just too darn early.  She recently went back to her breeders for 6 nights and  I'm sure she was crated at night.  So, I thought that this would be a good time to move her from our bed at night to the crate which sits right beside the bed.  She likes the crate just fine (but the bed would be better).  Last night she went out to potty around 9 PM and then in her crate.  This morning she started moaning and groaning to get up at 5 AM!  I have ignored her until 6:30 for the last two mornings and it's not like she has to go potty or is hungry.  What time do your dogs go to bed and what time do they get up?

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Noodles is 5.5, but he goes night, night potty at 8:00 and we get up at 5 on weekdays to go jogging and of course potty and breakfast. On weekends, he still does his evening potty at 8 and he will come find me if I'm not already next to him. He will then get me up anywhere between 5 and 7 to go potty and eat, but then right back to bed we go.
Thanks to everyone that responded to my sleeplessnessinportland (I'm sure that is a word).  I have been taking Olive out to potty as late as possible ( I wake her up to do this...she's like "what the heck people, I was sleeping") and I'm trying to be as stern as possible in the morning when she starts in whining around 5.  She doesn't have to potty at that early hour and I know that because when I let her out of her crate she fools around with her toys for a good 30 minutes before even heading for the downstairs door. I think that I might have a little DIVA on my hands.   She's back to some sort of bed by 0830 and I've had too much coffee to join her.

Our Corgis aren't on a distinct schedule anymore.  Last year I had a teaching job (my position was cut this year due to budget cuts) that had a consistent schedule so they would go outside around ten and sleep until 6:30-7:00.  I didn't realize how well Corgis could tell "time" until my dad and his fiance baby sat our dogs while we were in Florida.  My dogs got them up every morning at almost exactly 7 AM.  


Now they go to bed any where between 9:30 and 11:00, depending on my new schedule.  They continued wanting to get up at 7, even with the later times, but now they are slowly waiting longer.  One morning they even let me sleep until 8:30!  

My male has gotten into a VERY bad habit of wanted to get up around 4:00 am....particularly if he is sleeping on the bed....He feels the need to do a cat food check in the garage.  Will walk out check the bowl and return to the door....We do not let him out during the early morning hours....a few stern no's....which is not difficult when someone is whining at 4;00 am and back to sleep we all go.  I am not certain why 4:00 is such a magic hour...ggggrrrrrr.  ^,,^

My guys are up with the sun -- so earlier in the summer, later in the winter -- and it doesn't matter what time I let them out for a last quick pee at night.  Sometimes, my job hours are 4 pm to midnight -- and I let them out when I finish work, we all hop into our beds around 1 AM, and low and behold, around 5 AM in the summer, 6 in the winter, I feel 2 sets of deep brown eyes boring holes in my skull (no sound, no whining or barking -- just staring, powerful powerful staring).  So we get up, they do a quick run outside, have some kibbles, then we all go back to bed.  But they aren't spoiled or anything!


But here's a funny thing.  My guest room is upstairs on the second floor (my room is on the ground floor).  If someone is visiting, Ethel very nicely lets them sleep until 7:30 AM, then she sits at the bottom of the stairs and barks a few times.  If she doesn't hear them stirring, she zips up the stairs and starts hopping around the guest room until they get up. I have no idea how she knows when 7:30 is, but that's the time she's determined is the ideal time for guests to get up.  Needless to say, anyone who stays at my house has to understand who's in charge....and it's not me.


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