Does anyone use the Easy Walk harness for their corgi? We have been using one for about a week and it has really helped with our dog's pulling issues. But, I can't seem to get it to fit right because sometimes when I have to pull back on her (if she is going after a squirrel for example), it will spin around enough on her body so that on of her legs comes out, and basically becomes useless. Has anyone had success with this harness? Can anyone recommend other harnesses that might work better with the corgi frame?

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What I do with mine I attach the buckle collar and easy walk together so if he does slip out I still have my guy, also it keeps from snagging.

Hey trainer friend...I tried that and had an issue with my dog kind of choking when it pulled.  How did you overcome that one?

Look back at my reply post on how to fit them.  Promise it works.

Has anyone who has used the easy walk harness had problems with the buckle going directly under the dogs armpits? We have tried both ways (belly strap in normal position and also on top) and the buckle seems to always fall into place right in the armpit which makes it uncomfortable. 

It does really does...we just want it to be pain free!

Go by the fabric store.  Get a little of the quilted fabric and some fabric glue.  Make a tube with them and slip it on the under-strap.  It will cushion it against the skin.  Works great!

i bought the off brand easy walk harness at petsmart (top paw) and i love it because its padded at the shoulders and underneath the shoulders. it makes the buckle go a little father back to prevent this as well. i love it and im glad i bought it, it truly works! here is the link

Thanks for the tip!!! I'm going to look for it when I go to Petsmart this weekend.

Your welcome:)

We use the Easy Walk on our shelter dogs, and sell them in our shop where we fit them on your dog for you. Most important advice I have: There are many sizes. Go to a store that carries all the sizes and has experienced staff to fit it to your dog. If the buckles are rubbing in the wrong place, if the dog's legs slip out, you may have the wrong size or the various straps may need to be adjusted differently. After one walk with my own (non-corgi) dog, I had to exchange it for one size down because his legs could slip out. (I didn't take my dog with me to buy the harness. Oops.)

Justine, I can't exactly picture how your harness fits, but maybe the part of the strap that goes under the chest could be longer, while the part that goes over the back could be shorter. This would raise the chest strap and adjust the location of the buckles. Or it could be the other way around. My best guess, though, is a trained fitter and different size.

As for Cindi's suggestions, there are a few dogs out there who need to wear the harness upside down. I'm not sure why. If there are spots that rub even with adjustment, you can wrap it with moleskin, athletic tape, or the quilted fabric Cindi recommends.


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