I've looked and looked through the discussions and haven't read an answer to this question (that I could find, anyway). Emma is 9 weeks old; we've had her since she was 6 weeks old. She's doing great, and we love every minute with her. We have 2 cats that she insists on chasing around. What's strange is that when the cats hiss and bat at her, Emma slinks down as low as she can get, ears down, staying very still, then proceeds to go after the cat again. She is relentless! It almost looks like she's afraid of the cats and is assuming a submissive stance, but then she won't give up chasing them. We have another dog, a shih tzu/cocker mix who's 9, and once the cats swiped at her a time or two when she was a puppy, she left them alone. (The cats are quite old - 14 and 17.)

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Algy will be 11 years old this year and STILL chases Buffy, our cat. It's a game they both like to play. She gets her revenge though, when he is outside at night taking his evening poop. She loves to rub up against him while he is 'in stance' and he can't chase her.

I don't think she has ever swiped at him though. She doesn't possess any 'killer' instincts as a cat. So this is something she may grow out of, or a game they may make of it. Good luck!


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