I just got Dax neutered on Monday, he came home yesterday. I'm so glad to have my little boy back, just as spunky as ever. My question is I know he's really not supposed to engage in much activity, but he doesn't even seem to CARE that he just had surgery. Wants to run, play, jump, whatever. So what can I do to exercise him? Would maybe short slow walks be okay for him or should I just suck it up and keep him cooped up and bored for the next couple days?

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My Pem was fixed 11 days ago and he is 10 months. The day after surgery we stopped his pain meds since he was back to his normal self. He could have cared less he was missing some parts and was as crazy as ever...we had a hard time keeping him from jumping and chasing the cats specially since our vet said no walks either! We let him run around and just kept a close eye on the stiches and all that and he is just fine :)

Good luck! It is hard keep a corgi calm!


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