Does anyone have experience with this disease?


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 there are people here that have experience but I would really recommend joining the yahoo group:

also get the book "Corgis on Wheels" by Bobby Mayer  - you can buy it through CorgiAid or I believe Amazon

I'm not sure that condition is what we were dealing with, but many years ago I had a dog, around 10 yrs old at the time, who started dragging her back feet some, having problems with stairs and coordination problems.  She would bump into things, especially when turns were involved.  I remember the Vet  showing me that, when he held up her back foot and held it briefly in his hand,  she could not straighten it out and place it back on the surface she was standing on....the Vet advised choline supplementation and that made a world of difference for her.  She lived to age 12 without impairment   Best wishes.

Yes.  We just lost our Corgi on 10-17-2013 to the disease.  It started just before Thanksgiving of last year and progressed to the point where she was in a doggy wheelchair by May 2013, and finally lost control of her bladder in early October.  It was the most awful pet death that I have had to deal with.  There was nothing wrong with her mind or spirit, just her legs, but she had to be euthanized.  


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