There are always a lot of discussions about corgi weight, but most of them seem to lean towards food solutions more than exercise ones. Does anyone have creative ways to get you pup's heart rate up? Both my girls are on the smaller side(and younger side), and haven't had weight issues, but I still like to get in at least an hour of solid exercise a day. They love walks, but I also like to take them to a playground near our house for some agility-type play. Both of them can run up the jungle gym steps and go down the slide on command. They get into it, and it's adorable! Both the girls are good swimmers. Banjo's been on a treadmill before.
Ideally they'd be herding livestock until sundown, but for living in the city we do all right. I'd still love to hear what everyone else does. You all have such great ideas!

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We go for walks, sprint across the backyard, play fetch, has wrestling sessions with my bf, chase the swizzle bird (It was supposed to be for our cat but Ein loves it!), and don't forget the FRAP sessions! All of these gets his little heart going and helps him keep in shape. Oh, and monthly outings to a corgi meetup, where a bunch of corgis run around and be corgis.
Banjo's never really calmed down, but even when we first got Starbuck she would rather cuddle than play . Her breeder called her Baby because she was not only the runt, but she'd always find a way to end up in someone's arms! She likes her FRAPs, but once she's done she heads straight for the couch.
My kids are soccer players and the dogs are too so the kids play against the dogs. Really keeps my kids footskills up. LOL Roller blading w/the dogs or tossing the ball up the slide and having them go get it. Frisbee or just kicking a ball around the yard. We also set up a Tether ball in the back and they play w/that.
Chasing bubbles is another past time my corgis love. Simple for you. Merely get a big bottle of bubbles, sit in a chair and let them float. My corgis will chase them till they are plum worn out.
Favorite excercise with pup? Geocaching.


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