Hello everyone! I've just gotten my corgi puppy, Charlie, a few days ago. He's 14 weeks old! He's my first corgi, and well - my first dog that I'm raising by myself! As a first time owner, I guess I want to make sure I do the right things, feed him well, ect.


So for the past few days that I've had him, I've just let his food stay on the floor (along with his water) because it seems like he doesn't eat much (or maybe he just goes and eats when I don't watch him...)

Instead of doing this, should I feed him on a scheduled time?  If so, how should I go about doing that (if anything helps, I usually wake up in the 7-10 in the morning range.)? How many meals should he eat?


Sorry for a bunch of newbie questions!

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Gotta love Dino, training his human lol x



ake training a major priority.  Read, do classes.  Plan your work, then work your plan.  Keep a notebook/calendar.  Make a vocabulary list of all commands you want puppy to learn, write down the criteria for success, and make sure everyone in the family is with the program.  Make sure everybody uses exactly the same commands and release words and criteria for success.  Training is largely a matter of training yourself and the other people in his life.  All of this investment will pay off, compounded daily.

Is it possible to overfeed a puppy?  Shouldn't have to worry about obesity for awhile.


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