Last weekend we had a huge fire go through this ranch and burned up most of our pasture.  3000 acres saved out of 14,000.  Saved the homes, hay stacks, equipment and most of our livestock.  When the fire was running right around us, we thought we had cows in safe places....NOT.  The Corgis and I jumped on the 4-wheeler to move some very scared cows out of an actively burning pasture...Joey, Katie and Hank worked their lil butts off heeling, biting, barking and chasing cows out of the fire...not once but TWICE!  I could feel the heat of the flames and none of the dogs got frightened...they just worked their lil butts off doing what they love to do...herding cows.  Thanks, Joey, Katie and Hank for your help.  This isn't much of a discussion, but  wanted to share what our doggies do for a living and passed even the hardest

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Dear Wileys:  It is good to know that you are safe.  I can only imagine the imminent danger of wildfires and you must be so very proud of the courageous response of your corgis.  Gotta job to do!  Many, many corgi high fives to you and your short-legged team for facing such dangers.  All the best from Williamsburg, VA:  Nancy, Bear, Tasha and Linus


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