I was thinking of trying garlic as a way to control fleas.  Last time I asked the vet about Avantage not working as a flea control, she just said "oh we are having a bad flea season".  So just hand over the next $100 for some more of the stuff that doesn't work--great.  I was reading about some essential oils, or they used to lean toward skin so soft.  Any ideas or remedies that have worked?

So if the Avantage does not work on flea super season, what about 24/7 mosquito season; is it keeping Poopdeck safe from Heartworm?

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I just found a natural Flea & Tick Defense for Dogs & Cats.  We haven't tried it yet but it says it works on mosquitoes and flies also.  I have a corgi that can't handle the Avantage or other topicals so I am going to try this.  Everything that I have purchased from this site has worked good so far!  www.mercola.com
Advantage is NOT a heartworm preventative. No flea prevention that is formulated for fleas and ticks, and even mosquitoes, is a good heartworm preventative. YOU MUST use a product that is made specifically for heartworm. It just takes one bite from an infected mosquito to infect your dog so you need a product that will kill the microfilaria in the bloodstream, not just a repellent, even human repellents aren't even 100% effective. If Advantage is not working, try using Frontline. Some populations of fleas become "immune" to certain flea medications. It helps to rotate them every once in a while. When I notice my Advantage (or Frontline) is not as effective as before, I switch to the other product for a few months and that usually does the trick. Capstar is a good product for a heavy flea season. Kills adults only almost instantly. However it only lasts about 24 hours or so. If you have a flea infestation, you have to treat your house and yard as well. You need to make sure to target all the sources, not just your pets. And again, I can't stress this enough, if your dog is not on a prescription heartworm preventative it IS NOT PROTECTED. Also if you are planning to use garlic, make sure it is a product specifically formulated for dogs. Garlic is toxic so you can't just feed straight cloves of garlic. If its formulated for dogs then I guess its assumed they removed the toxic components.

I am using Advantage Multi.  It is a heartworm preventative, as well as a broad spectrum dewormer and it kills fleas.

I am going to ask for something a different brand, perhaps that will help.  I will definately look into the natural stuff.

I've never had an issue with fleas on my corgi until I adopted my other dog. Then the fleas were EVERYWHERE!!! My vet told me about Sentinel (a flea and heartworm preventative). I LOVE IT! It's a pill that you give the dog so it doesn't leave that nasty wet stuff on their fur and it actually works! You might want to try this!
Hey I live in South Carolina and it is humid and hot and we have the same issues! Our vet is pretty good at common sense and about price , she has quite a few animals herself! With this climate we use two products together Sentinel ~Heartworm and fleas given by mouth. Comfortis a non topical 30 day flea control that is also given by mouth.You can bathe them anytime and it just seems to perform better than the topical to me.  Of course don't give them both in the same day space them about a week apart. That works for this climate!! I have three and have been satisfied with it.  If I take them to the barn I may put a tick collar around their neck loosely then I slip it off at the house. They have never had a tick!

Years ago we had excellent results with a company called FleBusters, they dust your carpets and upholstery with polyborate salts (dessicates the fleas, not a neurotixin).  We has only 1 cat then.  They guaranteed for 1 year, and I thought we had years of very good relief.  This is Seattle, different climate, might be different elsewhere.

We have used Advantage and Advantix out here with good result.

Hi Sam, Gregg & Poopdeck, 


Here's my advise from one Floridian to another :)


Sentinel + Comfortis for heavy infestation (month long protection)

Sentinel + Capstar for light infestation (48 hours short kill)

Sentinel is the least toxic out of all heartworm rx, no need to use Comfortis or Capstar if there's no fleas.


Flea egg hatches only in the right temperature + right humidity, florida is the perfect place for fleas year round. You really need to understand the flea cycle first, then clean your house strategically to be effective. If you only wash the dog, chances are fleas eggs are still hiding somewhere in the vacuum closet, deep in the carpet somewhere...etc, the eggs will hatch and you'll have another outbreak in another week or 2. So read the links above and do it properly. Good luck!



My vet uses Ivermectin, is Sentinel a lot less toxic?  I have never had any issues with the Ivermectin, but would be willing to try something less toxic!


Hi Lynne,


Yes, check out my previous discussion and charts on sentinel, it has been on the market for a reasonable amount of time with the lowest death rate. 


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