i am just curious as to exactly how common this truly is. i took this video last night and ran it to the vet today and he said "yep, its a focal seizure." thats it! he said that she is too young and it happens too infrequently to put her on meds. she was a stray and was hit by a car so it is safe to assume there was some sort of head trauma.
anyone have any ideas about this?

i attached this video. please take a look at it. i went on you tube and did a search for "focal seizures" and sure enough, a video of a corgi came up with the same behavior.

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It is common and we do have at least 1 member who went through this. However the cause can be many things. Do you have a specific diagnose?
no, no specific diagnose. i wrote a lot about it in the previous reply to WWC below. thanks for the concern and sorry for the late response....
When was she hit by a car and how old is she? Now you've got my curiosity about this. I will have to look into this since I have no experience w/it. I did one night go on youtube and watched a bunch of videos on Corgis seizuring and humans. Pretty frightening w/the gran mal seizures. Does he think they'll get worse or eventually stop?
sorry for the late response....
the vet is saying that since she is not in pain over it- or isnt showing that she is (remember she is completely coherent when this happens) and- that it isnt happening that often, 3 times in 5 months- he wants to leave her be for now. obviously if it gets worse he wants her back in. she has been thru so much with the broken leg and so on he doenst want t put her thru any more untill necessary.
not too sure how old she was when she got hit- she was a stray. the pound is guessing she is about 1.5 years old.
I found this site that I think you may find very informative. Read it over carefully..take your notes and talk w/your vet further. How often does this happen? Have they gotten worse? From the information on the site from just skimming it..its not so much age as it is occurrence and the progression of the seizure that mandate treatment. Alot of focal seizures are trama and tumors. Even a shunt problem..possibly. Without doing a few test you can not come to the conclusion that this is accident related. Not to mention..if not monitored closely and left untreated permanent damage can occur where even w/medication won't help. There was something in there about a high fat diet decreasing symptoms in humans but not noted in the dog as of yet. Ok..I'm shutting up..read the article.
My boyfriend's mom's dog had seizures. He is about 8 years old and is on meds for it. Since he has been on medication his seizures haven't come back.


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