Ever tried giving your corgi a food, and he/she won't eat it? I grew up around dogs all my life that ate anything they could fit their mouth around, but when Sofi came into my life, I came to realize that she has some "nu-uh's" for her taste.

Things Sofi wont' eat:

Soda pop
Iceberg lettuce (but romaine is okay)
Green pepper
Pepto bismol (my vet told me to give it to her when she was sick... man does she hate it)

Things I'm surprised she DOES eat:

Raw onions!!
Jalapeno peppers!!
Banana peppers
Grapes (I know they are bad for her... but I fed her a couple once to see if she'd eat them)

What stuff does YOUR corgi hate to eat?

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Things Didi wont...

Things she loves!
delicious stuffing from plushies
Theobromine in chocolate also causes severe damage, but my dog has eaten a whole bag full of oh, maybe 50 hershey's kisses, aluminum foil wrapping and all, and didn't even have diarrhea.

Most of us acknowledge that there are some substances that are toxic to dogs and other animals, but anyone with a head on their shoulders won't sit and feed a dog grapes, onions and nuts en masse and on a regular basis.

One slice of onion, one grape, and one peanut isn't going to make your dog seizure. The amount of these substances required to form damaging effects to your dog is a little bit more than what drops on the floor or what's randomly offered. I don't know of anyone whose dog died of eating an unwanted onion from your hamburger or a grape from your stash.
I think it's pretty easy to tell that this is a light hearted post and that there's been enough posts/discussions/articles about poisons that we all know not to give our animals a whole onion or a bag full of raisins. Rather than hijacking Sarah's thread, which is very bad net-etiquette, why dont you go make your own discussion about what foods are and arent good for dogs.
I dont think there could ever be enough said about food safety and dogs. I would rather be safe than sorry. I wouldnt feed my dog not one grape if I knew that they were bad for them or any other kind of food that is bad for dogs, it isnt worth it to me or my dog. Being concerned about corgi safety is a good thing. Just because there are other post doesnt necessarily mean everyone saw those posts. Thank You for your concern as I did not feel you were trying to take over the post at all. Thank You for caring enough to repost the dangers of these toxic foods as not everyone is aware about the dangers.
i don't feed my boy human food, so i havent really given him a chance to let me know what he doesn't like, but as far as treats go, petsmart had some all natural rice puffs for dogs that he put in his mouth and spit right out. other than that he will eat annnnnnything!
Sid eats almost anything except plain lettuce. It simply must have a bit of ranch dressing to make it palatable! He's the only dog I've ever known to be that nondiscriminatory when it comes to food.
Max won't eat yogurt. He's not fond of chicken puppy food either. Our last dog ate everything but mushrooms. oh Max likes rabbit poop.
Well now it's posted and they can be aware of it. :) It's very close to the top, nearly the second post. I personally think that there have been enough threads about it, this thread doesn't need to be hijacked and Sarah herself posted in her post that grapes are bad for dogs.
So, what does your dog not eat?
Camber won't eat any kind of dog treats, just real meat or cheese.
Ed will eat anything so far. We haven't had him quite long enough to see if there are foods he won't eat.

We've dropped lettuce before and Ein has snatched it before we got it. He'll just sit there and put it in his mouth, spit it out, chew it again, and spit it out again. Anything else he'll just gobble up.
Mine does this with lettuce too. She just knows that next time around it will be delicious.
Well I try not to let KC eat people foods but of the few things she has gotten a hold of either by us giving it to her or it falling on the floor and she found it before us she doesn't even like grapes, she likes to roll them around on the floor but not eat them. She likes french fries when we make them at home in the deep fryer but not so much if we get them from a fast food place. I don't know why. And she doesn't care for them as much out of the oven. She would prefer a filet o fish over a quarter pounder. The only dog treats she really likes are the Canine Carry Outs. She did finally start eating some little teddy graham looking things that were ginger flavored but only after a lot of convincing and she tolerates the Pup Corn treats that come in chedder and peanut butter flavor. She loves peanut butter in her Kong toy. And although we don't encourage it; if she is left alone with a fountain pepsi then she takes the lid off and drinks it. She even pulls the cup apart to get lower as she drinks. This is all we have found so far.


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