Just in case some people haven't heard of these "things", it is a batlike/man/animal that sucks the blood out of animals and sometimes eats organs of the animals.

I was just watching about this on the national geographic channel today. All the animals that were said to have fallen victim to this beast or whatever it is, has made holes (not gashes or gaping wounds) and precise incisions into the animal. I'm not sure what to make of it. They were thinking wild dogs but how can that be when there are not tears or rips in the skin but like someone or something cut with something clean and sharp. I don't know. I just thought it would be fun to see what everyone else thought. I'm open to whatever. It just all seems a little weird to me.

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The coverage of the Phoenix Lights was pretty crazy, but when all was said and done they just ended up being flares. It's kind of crazy how much mass suggestion gets a hold of people once they get an idea in their head though.

As for alien life you have to figure that in the vastness of space life, and even intelligent life, is almost a mathematical certainty. Two intelligent civilizations existing at the same time close enough to reach one another however is exceptionally unlikely and I'm about as sure as sure can be that we haven't been visited. As fun as that would be. :)
I don't doubt that there is life out there but I agree with you that I don't think we've been visited nor will there be an alien invasion. Until I'm personally abducted, I'll have my doubts.
I think the lights are often military test aircraft. Imagine seeing a Jump Jet before you knew such a thing existed. That would look weird.

Once when I still lived at home, my dad called me out on the porch in the summer and said "Come see a UFO." I knew he didn't think it was a UFO, but I went out and looked.

There in the sky was what clearly looked like a circular craft, with lights, hovering for the longest time. I finally asked what it was. An airplane was coming in to land (airport is maybe 10 miles away) and was coming straight towards us; with it being too far away to visually cue off an landmarks, it appeared to be staying still. The lights were not that of a saucer-shaped craft at all, but were the landing lights across the front and wing of the plane. SInce the ones at the wing tips are not as bright as those closer to the body, they gave the optical illusion of being farther away, and my mind filled in a curve that was not really there.

For all the world it looked like a stationary saucer.
There were two videos that were on the Ghost Adventures special a couple years ago (before it became a show) which could not be disproved. They were shown on the news back when the videos were first taken and many people tried to prove it was a hoax but were unable. I'll have to see if I can find them. One was a brick being moved and the other was a shadow figure walking behind one of the guys who was there to investigate the paranormal.

It makes me nervous when Finnigan stares down the hallway and growls as iff he sees something I don't. Does anyone really think animals can see or somehow detect paranormal activity (if you believe in the paranormal) in a way that people cannot?
This immediately made me laugh. I absolutely believe because I've had many experiences that I cannot chalk up to anything else. When I was about 10, we had a female shepherd and we lived in an old house. I had heard somewhere that sometimes when an animal is seeing something, if you look between their ears (ex: ones with big ears like corgis, shepherds, etc) you could see what their seeing. My mom believes also and she walked into the living room and I was on Babe's back using her ears like a scope. lol I didn't see anything but she was freaking out over nothing that was by the wall. When we moved to the last place I lived before I lost Pooh, He was always uneasy there at night and would get down and pace and growl and jump back up to make sure I was ok. It wasn't until after he was gone that I felt something touch me many times, heard someone whisper my name in my ear, and the one night I thought I was going to jump out of my skin when it sounded like a gremlin was making this crazy noise and what sounded like it was trying to climb my bed frame. I thought it might be a mouse but it would have had to be huge and make some scary noises. I grabbed the flashlight nest to my bed an flew to the end of my bed and there was nothing there and no sound. What was it and where did it go?? What's everyone else's weirdest experiences?
This fall I will be joining a Sasquatch Expedition in Washington if the group can get enough funding. It is hard to raise money for it in Alabama because you just get funny looks.

Cryptozoology has become a hobby of mine after spotting the Skunk Ape in Florida. There was no mistaking it for anything else.

As for the Chupacabra, when I was Mexico two years ago, I was granted the privilege of being able to inspect the body of a couple of goats that were suspected to be slaughtered by the Chupacabra. Seeing the body, from what I can gather, there is nothing that we know about that can do it.
Hey! I just saw one! Just now!

It was on CNN. It was alive. When I first saw this animal, which the commentator was saying was an unkown animal,I immediately said "Chupacabra!" And, sure enough, the word "Chupacabra" appeared on the bottom of the screen. Wow, do I know my chupacabras!

Of course, it was also thought to be a raccoon with really, really bad mange. If so, ewww! It was all black, with pointy ears, but I couldn't see the tail. I tried to picture a racoon on top of this body, but couldn't quite do it.




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