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Fortie's now in what I guess are his teenage years. I've been reading about other's experiences with teenage Corgis and it's most heartening! I'll be able to hang in there! I guess we just have to be firm and have a laugh ready to be able to handle it.

So far, it's nothing too bad. He's stubborn as a mule which is normal and he's doing that thing that some have experienced with not wanting to have his leash on (we either have a tasty treat which he gets after we put it on, or we put the leash away and pretend we're not going for a walk any more and he behaves LOL). One thing that's weird is that he's suddenly taken to crawling under the bathroom cabinet and going to sleep for hours a day! We sometime let him and other times we close the door and don't let him in. This morning I coaxed him out with a chew bone, but after five minutes he took it under the cabinet to chew on!! I though maybe he was bored, but even after we take him on a big walk or play a game he gleefully trots back to the bathroom to crawl under the cabinet LOL

I'd love to hear other poeple's crazy Corgi teenage stories!

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We are there with our pup Jerry too.  All I can do is laugh at this point, because he's so smart, it's funny to see what kind of "hijinks" he comes up with.

Jerry does stuff specifically to my and specifically to my boyfriend.  He jumps for anything I'm carrying while I walk down the hall.  Likes to jump up and grab my scarf.  With my boyfriend it's all about the feet and heel biting.  He unties shoes, nibbles toes through socks.  

We've been able to catch him before he ruins anything, but his shoe behavior is particularly funny.  If he wants attention and is being ignored, he grab a shoe (loves flip flops) look at us, and then run out of the room to his "place," head held high. By the time we get out there, he's just sitting with the shoe on his paws, licking it.

Jerry also hates his leash sometimes.  He looks at us like "You expect me to WALK with this?"  He gets picky about when he thinks his walk should end.  Getting any endurance training with him is nearly impossible, lol.

I'll be curious to read others' replies.  So funny.

Hahahaha Fortie does the 'leash look' too!!  And then sometimes he looks back and forth between the leash to me cos he wants to go out :D  I love what Jerry does with the shoes -- that's hilarious!

I was just about to post a similar thread! Ha!
Rory is just wild. He is 6 months old and a total basket case already (he's getting the big snip at the end of the month, so we'll see if that has any long-term calming effects- ha!)

He has totally forgotten the "heel" command, he has recently started lunging and barking at cars (working on it... ugh!), the "I don't wanna go to bed!" barking has ramped back up again, he still has 2 baby teeth he is working out so the biting is still an issue (he has torn several skirts of mine, 2 shirt tails, and a pair of pants since I got him 4 months ago), and the list goes on. He never wears out, which is wearing me out! (I swear, it seems like we walk the majority of the evening...)

Like you, nothing really terrible yet, he is just busy, busy, busy! Rory also has a sock fetish- except it extends to when the socks are on the feet, too! :P

HAHAHA! He sounds like an hilarious nightmare :D  He looks like a cutie though -- hard to stay mad, no? Fortie hasn't had the snip, so I'd like to hear if it makes a difference!!

Fortie's never learnt the 'heel' thing, even when I did it for AGES. We're STILL working on 'come', too -- he just does what he wants to. But he's so good natured, it's difficult to stay annoyed with him.  He used to do the car chasing thing too, but I got him out of that quickly cos we live in the city, but he still tries it with pigeons!

Love the 'socks on feet' issue!! Socks were the hardest to stop Fortie from nicking...actually, if one drops from the washing he still runs off with it, but he doesn't seem to do anything to it now LOL When he first came home with us, I gave him 'intensive [insert item] training" on different things around the house so now we can leave stuff out and it's still intact when we get home. I went out last week and left my shoes and a suitcase of luggage open on the floor and he didn't do anything to it, thank god!

I run Fortie up and down and around the pathway of our building after a walk to get some energy out of him! All I have to do is pretend to run after him and he's off!! Saves me from running hahahaha

Oh, I'm away from home at the moment and this has made me miss my little bitey furball :'(

Definitely part nightmare and part hilarious. God help us all. Walking + confining him to a tiled area + interactive/treat toys have been a life saver. He is currently barking at me while I finish making dinner from his little "home," and will probably continue until I am finished with dinner and we go walk... AGAIN! Ha!

I wish he would go sleep under the bathroom cabinet! Hehehe! Fortie is so cute, btw!

Hahahaha! You know, we taught Fortie to 'speak' and 'be quiet' on command -- it was quite easy, tbh, for him at least!!  LOTS of treats and 'good boys' when he was quiet :D He took it upon himself that at the 'quiet' command to lay down with his head btwn his paws -- so cute!  We had to do it cos we live in an apartment block...

My teenager is 6 1/2 month old. Just this weekend he began hiding a chewy. He has never hidden anything before. It is a Himalayan chewy made of yaks milk ( I highly recommend these. They last 4-5 days instead of 10 minutes) Anyway he moves it from room to room, currently in basement where he never goes. What is all this about???? Why is he trying to hide this chewy? Have any of you experienced this??

Yes! Fortie used to do this. Sometimes he still does. It's usually with biscuits -- I think it's in lieu of burying them because we live in an apartment and he doesn't have the chance. I guess if he doesn't want it then, he 'buries' it for later?? We would find biscuits in the corner or behind something or in-between things LOL So funny!

My brother has a dog (Sam) and when he goes to my parents house with him, Sam digs up the pig's ear he has there and buries it in another place for next time! Hahaha

HaHaHa!!!!!!! Tajar was putting his in a corner as well. I guess they don't realize we can see it. I have enjoyed and been encourages by the "teenager" stories. Nice to know I am not alone. Thanks for the pictures


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