I just figured I would let ya'll know, Happy Dog food is wonderful! They're such a great company, they'll mail you a free sample of their food to see how your pup likes it! I don't know if I'll switch, as I would have to order Miso's food online, but I'm certainly willing to give it a shot to see if my picky Corgi will like it! It's also approved by PETA*. You simply add your own meat to it, and cook it for a bit, and voila! Happy dog food!

So, without further ado, click here and peruse the site, and get a free sample!

* - While I think PETA is silly most of the time, I am under the opinion that any pet food that is approved under their strict guidelines MUST be good for my pets!

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Thanks for the link!
I love the ingredient list, you could really put it all together yourself. What kind of meat would you add to something like this and how much? I would love to be able to feed Dax a diet like this and I think he'd be ecstatic about it, but I think I would just go ahead and put everything together myself rather than buying it, though it would be much more convenient. I wonder how much one serving is and how much of everything they put into just one serving.
I haven't exactly figured it out yet as I haven't gotten mine (it takes a little while for them to ship it, they just shipped my sample today), but from what I understand, you can just crock pot it, or put it on the stove. It contains one original, one express, and one grain free in the sample packs! I think you can put any kind of meat in it, chicken, beef, pork, whatever suits your fancy!

I'm wondering how big the packages are. It says that the small, 13 oz. packages of the Original contain ten 1 cup servings for small dogs, which would feed Miso for a week or so!

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated once I get my sample, and let everyone know how it goes!
Hmm. I've been looking at the website and I'm actually thinking of trying it myself. Maybe I will get the sample pack, that way I know how much of everything they put in it. Are the 1 cup servings supposed to be suitable for one meal for a corgi-sized dog?
I'm not entirely sure. I know Miso, as a puppy, eats a bit over half a cup of dry food each meal. It all depends how big of a stomach your Corgi has.

I'll be sure to let you know once I get my sample. ;D
I wouldn't buy just because it is approved by PETA...they are extremists in my opinion and I don't support them in any way. Silly is not the way I would describe them, more like scary.
I think they're horrible extremists. However, I know that they are extremely strict about what goes into food, and that they don't tolerate anything that is in any way bad for our dogs. In that respect, I will happily use their list of approved foods for a guideline of what to look for.

Besides, the reason I'm interested in Happy Dog Food is because it DOES look like a quality product. While I'm not sure if I'll switch over to it due to finances, I DO like how it looks.

I agree that PETA is scary, though. I think that they're right about some things, like the inhumane treatment of our livestock (seen one too many videos to disagree with them there!), or the poor treatment of pets all around the world (I am a worker in an Animal Shelter, and I see this every day). I think they are crazy and idiotic about other things they object to, like objecting to Obama killing a household fly.
I just got my Happy Dog food samples a couple of days ago, now I need to go to the store and get some ground meat! They sent me Original,Grain Free, and Express. On the Original label, it says it yields five 1-cup servings. The Express yields three 1-cup servings. But with the grain free, it doesn't state how many servings it yields...I'm assuming around 3-5. Looking at the ingredients, I could almost use it for cooking dinner for myself! LOL
I got mine a couple of days ago, as well. Same things you got, AJ. :) I'm debating whether I want ground turkey or ground chicken for Miso's food.

It DOES look like we could eat it ourselves. Miso is going to enjoy this so very very much!
I got my three sample pacts today and made the Express one today with ground turkey. I added some on top of Sadie's normal dog food (blue buffalo) and mixed it in to see if she liked it. She loved it! She ate all the Happy Dog food and even licked it off th bowl and her kibble peices; when she was done all that was left was some of her normal food!

Not sure if we are going to switch full time since we would obviously have to ship it and we haven't checked prices yet, but it seemed to be a hit!


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