we are getting a second corgi this coming sat. We are so excited and cant wait to get Quorra home (corra) . When we first got rush we were on off schedules meaning rush was only home for an hour a day but now we are on the same schedule and Quorra will be home from 9-4:30pm with Rush. We plan on having a family friend com once a day around noon to take her out (and give rush a treat:)) is this good enough for the first few months or should we do more for her? We crate trained rush because of the short amount of time he was home alone, would it be a good idea to train Quorra the same way even though shell be in there a longer period of time? or should we gate off a small area for her with pee pads though I've heard pee pads can send the wrong message to the dog. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Rush's mom,


Yes this is good enough.

Yes it would be a good idea to train Quorra the same way.

No, not until she is older and able to hold for a longer period of time. Her bladder will be fully develop by 9 mo. Until then, crate her.


Congrats on the new addition! Good luck!

so it would be of to keep her crated for 4 - 5 hours at a time?
yes, housebreaking info is in the FAQ,


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