Daisy is getting spayed tomorrow. I have the option of getting blood testing prior to surgery. I have been told it is something definitely to do for dogs over 3 yrs. but it is not necessary for younger dogs. She is only 23 weeks and is super healthy... so I am not sure if I should have it done. Any suggestions?

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I would..better to be safe then sorry. Corgis can have vWD, which is a bleeding disorder. Clotting doesn't occur. Many reputable breeders will test to make sure the dam and sire are clear of vWD so the pups would be clear as well and then you don't have those issues.
mine will be spayed on tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I decided to go ahead and do the blood testing. I dropped her off this morning... it was so hard to do! I know she will be fine but I am still nervous. Now I am going to watch the clock all day. They said I could call and check on her around noon and pick her up after 3pm.
I know I'll be doing that test at the end of the month for Freya baby. I'm hoping she doesn't have vWD but I'm not sure. She bled a lot when she lost some of her teeth.
That doesn't necessarily mean she is vWD. All of my dogs are vWD clear which means the pups are too but when I'm doing dewclaws some bleed more then others. Same w/heats, some are heavier then others or after whelping some bleed more or longer then others. I have heard of some breeders cutting pups nails real short to quick them to see how they bleed to have that as an indicator which doesn't make much sense to me when you should be able to tell by doing the dewclaw removal.
I know, I talked to the vet over the phone and he doesn't feel she has that issue. But I'm just a worried mom and I'll get the test done for just in case purposes. I say this because Freya was due to an accidental mating, so there really isn't much known about the father.
Daisy is doing awesome after her surgery yesterday!

Clover is getting spayed today. 

I'm wondering how to keep her from biting at her stitches...she's only four months and I'm a little concerned about keeping her calm after the surgery. 

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to pick one up on amazon.


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