Help, please!  We crated Bear when we were gone or at bed time for the first month that we had him (he was already a year old).   We were able to slowly work our way out of that to him not being crated at all with no accidents for about two weeks before Thanksgiving.  As a teacher I was off for five days and home with him most of the time.  We had no accidents.

Today we get home from work and he has peed and pooped on the guest room bed.  I took him out as soon as I got home and was suspicious when he didn't do either so I went looking.  Cleaned that up, taught a flute lesson and had dinner.  Next thing I know I hear Phil saying "Bear, NO!"  Sure enough, he peed on the bed again.

I think this is punishment for going to work today.  Do we start crating again and work our way back out?  Will we have to do this every time I have a break?  He's not food motivated at all.  He's not toy motivated.  He is play motivated and we do play with him as much as possible and us praise to reinforce good behavior.  However, I'm kind of at a lose. 

I can handle a hundred teenagers in a marching band and one corgi is schooling me!

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A change of schedule will do this. Dogs don't do things for revenge! They don't think that way. Go back to the crate for a few days and keep him out of the bedroom. The smell is still there and he will continue to go back there to pee. Find some good odor remover for the bed and use it liberally, wash all the bedding and keep him away from the bed until you get this under control again. He sounds like he's still pretty new in your house so don't give him too much freedom. Treat him like a baby pup just learning the house rules.
Natures Miracle is good for breaking down the pee with enzymes not just covering it or cleaning the stain like resolve and similar.

Are you sure they don't do things for revenge? :) I appreciate the feedback. We crated him today and are reestablishing the routine again. What is too much freedom for a pup? We know we need as much training as he does.
Very sure!!:) Their brains just don't work that way in spite of what we'd like to think and the things they do!!
So what is too much freedom for a puppy?
Hi Danika, when in doubt, go back to square one. Relapse is common up to age 2.
I totally agree with the change in schedule Corky did this when I went on vacation too, it was so frustrating! His spot was the guest room too! I keep him confined to the kitchen when not home and went back to the old routine. He went back to no accidents quickly, but Sam's right go back to the basics. Corky is just over 2, so yours is still young too. He will get over it. My carpet cleaning guy has some stuff that he uses that works really well disintergrating any urine or fecal residue so they dont return to the same spot. Just realize you have to schedule the carpet cleaning guy on a regular basis when you have a young dog. Apparently Corgis dont think highly of overnight guests:)
We have had the same sort of issues with Frosty. He was just over a year when we got him and not house broken. He would do well, then not well, then good again... very frustrating. One thing we started doing is closing the door to the extra rooms that he doesn't need access to. Do you need the guest room door open? If not, close it. Now he can't pee in there. Even though we have had Frosty for almost a year now, he is not allowed to be anywhere we are not for more than a couple minutes (like to go to the kitchen and get a drink). Other than that, we require that he stay in whatever room we are in so we can keep and eye on him. We have not had any accidents or incidents for some months now, but we still watch him pretty closely. He will be 2 in December.


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