I'm trying a new harness that I'm getting online for Rufus's 2nd birthday (dean and tyler harness), the sizing seems to be a bit tricky though. They go off of Girth size alone. The XS is 20-23" and the Small is 22-27".

If I put a string around Rufus pretty tightly it just reaches the 22" measurement exactly.

My question is, since he's just turning 2, is that going to be how big he will be forever--as far as girth size?

XS small seems kind of small for a corgi (especially since he's a bigger size at about 33 lbs and in good shape)..And when he's really stubborn, he will probably try to get out of anything,which worries me too. I hope he doesn't get fatter, but I'm not sure if they continue to fill out after 2.

Thanks for the help!

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I would get the small one, not the extra small. They do bulk up sometimes. I would rather buy one that would still fit him if he did bulk up a little instead of have to buy another one. And, I'm pretty sure he's definitely not going to shrink. If it's a quality one, and you adjust it correctly on him, he shouldn't be able to get loose out of a harness. Hope this helps!

lobos harness


That is the harness I bought my furbaby..he really likes it ..I do too ..really easy to put on and take off.

I would go with the bigger of the two and sew a tuck in the strap if possible.  If it's way too big all over, just make sure it can be exchanged....Alternately, why not give them a call?  They are probably well qualified to answer your questions on proper fit.


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