We are thinking about adding corgi #3 to our pack. I'm wondering about adding a third dog, because our two get along so well. We are working with a good Cardigan breeder recommended by Trunks's breeder, so I'm not worried about getting a dog who will fit into our family. We are also getting another male. There is no way Princess Pandora will allow another female in her domain. I'm just wondering how it may change the dynamics of our family. I've never had three dogs before, so it's going to be a big step.

I'm going to mention that this isn't a definitely addition. In fact, the breeder hasn't even planned any litters for this year and we told her that we aren't in a hurry. I just like to plan ahead when it comes to these things. What can I expect in the transition, if we were to add another corgi? Just want a little experience and advice.


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Dear Carmen: We went from two corgis to three almost two years ago. As in your situation, Queen Tasha would not permit another female so we planned to get a second male. I sought the help of an established breeder this time, though, and we discussed what level of activity we would commit to and most especially that the puppy would have to be bold (the breeder can readily identify these characteristics in the litters). I was one year on the waiting list (which would have permitted me to change my mind).

On my fifty-fourth birthday, the email came through that a fluffy, bold male had been born at Heronsway and would I want him.

Linus came home and was introduced, in a neutral area, to the other two corgis. He was very much a crate trained puppy which also helped his security. He had to be carefully watched as he grew so that the other two would not rough-house, gang up or make him miserable. It was a very difficult first year.

I do have to make efforts to do activities as a pack and separately with these dogs. That is not always easy but can be done. I love my corgis tremendously and do not regret going from two to three. It is a lot (A LOT) of work, vet bills and activity but the return love and corgi kisses has made it worthwhile.

Do consider utilizing a breeder to find the specific traits that will blend into your established family. I sincerely wish you all the best. Sincerely, Nancy (Bear, Tasha and Linus)
Hey Carmen! There are a few things that I've discovered when we add 1 third to the crew :) Hope it'll help you guys!

1. The dancing with the leash. Walking 3 dogs for us in the beginning was a challenge, it took us 2 weeks to get used to. Especially when Silvia or myself can't walk the dogs together at the same time, it is a practice to hold 3 dogs with one hand and pick up doo doo with the other in the dark :)

2. It takes time to warm up. With my crew, I'll say it takes about 2 weeks for them fully let the 3rd one into the pack. On the first day they're are all excited and trying to figure out the rules and boundaries. Mocha usually is very affectionate on the first day, when he realize the new comer is here to stay for the long haul, he keeps his distance, by week 2 he's more warmed up to the idea. Vienna is the playful one, she may be weary on the first day, then on the 3rd day, she accepts the new cover with open arms.

3. What's yours and what's mine. Mocha is the one that hoard the toys, Vienna is the easy going one and don't mind sharing, so with the new one, we have to keep them distant during play time, so that they feel safe in their area. With the little experience we have so far, it is best to feed all of them separately, to us preventing an injury is our number one priority.

4. Breaking up fights. It is going to happen and it's important to come up with a plan so that you don't panic in those situation. For us, we use pillows as a shield / separator and water bottles, I've seen in other situation where a mini air horn works best. Recognize what trigger those events and prevent them from happening. Also come up with a plan that will work for you when you're alone.

5. Stock up. Food, hydrogen peroxide, spare leash, collars, poopy bags, heart worm rx, ...etc. It pays to shop around when you have 3 dogs :)

6. Food / Treat special care. Mocha is the one with a sensitive stomach, Vienna can eat just about anything, so be prepare to have alternative brand to choose from.

7. The pee over. Both Mocha and Vienna are intact, surprisingly we don't have a marking issue inside the house, but when outside, Mocha and the interns often take turns in marking the same tree, sometimes up to 3 times :) So it's time to do a complete house clean up, make sure all the old stains are cleaned up before the new addition.

That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure there's more :) Just ask!
Thanks for the replies. I am working with a good breeder, recommended by the great breeder we got Trunks from, who lives in Nevada and isn't planning to breed again. Anyways, I'm just looking for some experience from others too. I'm still on the fence about it, which probably means it's not a good idea. We'll probably wait until the unthinkable happens.


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